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  • 1. Get the Parts and tools

    WRT54GL taken apartOne of the project goals was keeping it in a very tight budget. So before you actually order anything please look around, possibly you already have the parts or can borrow them from your friends. But first please make sure you have read the Routerbot v1 project outline. For our robot we will need the following parts and tools:


    1. WRT54GL router or similar. Since our “routerbot” OS is nothing else then a bit modified OpenWRT Linux you can find the list of compatible models here: I was using exactly WRT54GL that you can find via Froogle WRT54GL search or on eBay. I’ve bought mine for $40 after rebate on, for instance. This would be the most expensive part, but hopefully you already have compatible model.
    2. 1 x SSC-32 servo controller $40 available from This is the second most-expensive part and it is unlikely you have it at home already.
    3. 2x continuos rotation servos, $13 each available from
    4. Self-locking nylon bands of different sizes. $1-2 in Target.
    5. Double-sided really good adhesive tape. I’m using the one made by 3M I bought in Target. $3-5
    6. Rubber bands – I got mine in Whole Foods on register. You’ll need approx 10 of those. FREE
    7. 2 x CD disks. I personally prefer Verbatim for burning backups, so for this project I used Memorex. AOL disks you can pick up in Best Buy would work great too. FREE
    8. 9.6 1600 mAh rechargeable battery pack – get one in Warmart or find it in one of your kids’ R/C toys. If you have kids most probably you already have one.
    9. Coaster wheel – I had one at home, you can get one from Home Depot or Target for instance. See the pictures for approximate wheel size. Borrow it from your friend’s office chair – they typically have 5 of those, he won’t notice one missing 🙂
    10. Data cable for $2, again from See, I’m trying to save on your shipping charges.
    11. 1x Battery Quick Connect cable, $2.50, LynxMotion. Actually this one may be better
    12. 5mm jack connector exactly the same your router power supply is connected to the router with. I don’t remember where I got mine, most probably from RadioShack. If don’t have one just solder the wires from battery directly to the power connector of the router.
    13. Video system. It is actually optional because it will transmit to your TV. If you want to see what your routerbot sees in a web browser proceed directly to Routerbot v2 project.
      1. Video camera – get one on ebay for $20. You can pay more and get one with night vision. The performance of those cameras is much better then regular ones.
      2. 2 x regular servos for $13 each to pan&tilt the camera available from
      3. 1x servo bracket, $8 for pair from
      4. 1x servo hinge, $6 for pair from
    14. Bunch of wires. If you don’t have them open a piece of radio electronics you no longer need and you will find lot’s of them inside. RadioShack is another provider of this kind of stuff.
    15. Optionally you may want to use 10-pin header and 10-pin connector (I made mine from spare IDE cable and an old computer mainboard)


    1. Soldering iron. If you plan to do more electronics later better get rework station. (I personally like Aoyue 968 for its great price/performance)
    2. Glue gun. This tool is optional, but it will help you a lot, so I’d recommend getting one. It is just $2 in Michaels + $1 for glue sticks in a dollar store.
    3. Rotary tool like Dremel will make your life alot easier and creativier. I highly recommend having one in your household.

    Order all the stuff you’re missing and proceed to the next part.

    3 Responses to “1. Get the Parts and tools”

    1. Slava says:

      Dear Andrey,

      Thank you so much for such great project publishing. I have found it the most understandable and available among other ones’ in web. You have inspired me for this great thing. I like electronics and computer technologies and interested to built something like this robot.
      I have chosen the v2 robot with ip camera using the frame from RC offroad toy. I was so exited that it seemed to me, too easy to buy detailes and start my favourite hobby.
      Otherwise I have run into big prob on my way. The controller and other parts from the Lynxmotion shop. I am from Ukraine and by the way I guess you have slavik roots too) So, to be precise, I am from Kiev.
      I have contacted with lynxmotion, they told me that delivery would cost me approx. 130 USD. It is too much(((.
      I have ordered SSC-32 and pan-title camera tool… I dont even know where to order now, to decrease delivery payments… I have searched Europe and CIS – no result.
      Would you help me with this trivial issue, please. Maybe you know where to buy properly)))

      Thank you so much again! Waiting for your kind response.


      • Hi Slava,

        $130 you say? That’s really crazy! Forget about SSC-32 and please wait for a few weeks. v3 is on the way, it is way cooler and it is based on arduino available worldwide for very affordable price. The first part of the v3 promo is available here:

        Greetings to Ukraine – that’s a wonderful country where I spent 6 really good years of my life. I wish you guys recover from this horrible economic situation and Ukraine will become as prosper as it really deserves to be.


    2. Slava says:

      Hi Andrey!

      Thank you for kind and optimistic words! And thank you for the answer. I have watched your presentation video – amazing! I wonder if such brainiac geniuses like you are somewhere else in the world!
      Besides, I have ordered the parts from Lynxmotion through my sister, she would come next week and bring me the SSC-32 and couple of servos. Other details I have bought on local radiomarket)
      Otherwise after the routerbot v2 accomplishment, I am sure to start new ones (v3 and others that you will propose).

      I appreciate much your work on these great projects! You are the one who shares with such great practical skills and information in such available and clear way. Wish you good luck and to be success in your favorite doings!

      Keep going!!!


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