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  • DIY: Pleo battery pack

    Posted on June 10th, 2009 Andrey Mikhalchuk No comments

    DIY Pleo Power Pack

    DIY Pleo Power Pack

    New article is posted in Pleo hacking part of this website. This hack describes building your own Pleo battery pack. The resulting product not just adds more playtime to your robotic toy but has some unique features the original pack doesn’t have. Enjoy!

  • Pleo is back

    Posted on June 9th, 2009 Andrey Mikhalchuk No comments

    Pleo Those missing the green pal should get relieved – it’s back. Not-so-well-known company Jetta Company Limited bought some Ugobe intellectual property including Pleo and plans to bring it back to the market soon. If you think Jetta is a no-namer that’s not quite true. Despite Ugobe is much better marketed brand it was actually Jetta, not Ugobe who was owning the plants and producing Pleo. I talked to Jetta guys on CES-09 and they claimed that they also produce toy robots of many other brands. In fact they manufacture almost all kinds of robots you can find on amazon or other major retailers. The website doesn’t provide many details about the company and its partners but if the guys will do things right we might be seeing a new star being born in the sky of famous brands.