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  • By Look and Feel

    This directory lists robots sorted by their look and feel (i.e. how you can describe them after glancing at their forms):

    • Android – men-like robots
    • Gynoid/fembot – women-like robots
    • Wheeled – robots that use wheels. Robotic cars are here too.
    • Tracked – robots that move on tracks
    • Legged – robots that move on legs (androids and gynoids are not listed here
    • Plane – robots that look like a plane
    • Helicopter – robots that look like a helicopter
    • Boat – robots that look like a boat (or anything else floating on top of liquids)
    • Sub – robots that look like a submarine or torpedo or anything else floating under the top of liquids
    • Hovercraft – robots based on hovercrafts

    Please select corresponding subdirectory to see the robots.

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