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  • Routerbot v1 build instructions are published

    Posted on February 15th, 2009 Andrey Mikhalchuk No comments

    Routerbot v1I finished re-publishing instruction for Routerbot v1 from my blog. The republished version is not an exact copy, but an updated and improved version. The two new pages are added – the photo gallery and FAQ, so you won’t have to spend tons of time looking for answers to your questions. The updated project outline is available here. You can also conveniently access any part of the instructions using the main website menu (DIY Projects->Routerbot v1).

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    1. kelly says:

      Hello Andrey,
      Nice new look and feel!

      So I had troubles before, I ran Openwrt commands for WPA security on my Routerbot Vr1 I ran *nvram* commands and eventually got locked out of my Routerbot with all “read only” files, (so I had a fully functioning vr1 routerbot that I couldn’t adjust my wireless file “read only”)… I sent away for a JTAG and 12 pin headers to follow the steps of unbricking my routerbot… so success! I can use a bootloader *CFE.BIN* (for my version) to successfully get my router to ping a ** address I then TFTP I can send the original linksys firmware and can have a fully functioning router (back from the dead) or routerbot vr1 or dd-wrt or openwrt, I can do this over and over with much success,, I am however having some troubles using the new Routerbot vr2 when I change it to a *bin* it bricks my router every time via tftp.. I also tried following each set for vr1 then deleting the *etc* and routerbot dir’s I get a read only errors.. do you have a true *bin* for vr2 just like the *zip* from vr1?

      • admin says:


        That really surprises me. Especially the “readonly” mode. Are you sure the router is not in “safe mode”? Try to give it full reboot, possibly this would help.

        The .bin file that bricks the router is another surprise. At least one another person successfully reflashed the router with that image. Also the router has some protection against wrong images. Please try this compressed image, possibly it will help. Please let me know if it won’t. I would also appreciate if you send me your router model and revision (should be printed on the sticker at the bottom)


      • admin says:

        Ok, I have a version of what’s happening with your router. It seems to me that you’re using one of newer editions of WRT54g* that is not Linux-compatible. The main problem with Linux compatibility is the amount of Flash Memory the router has onboard. For instance WRT54GS rev1.0 has 4Mb of flash and routerbot OS will work just fine on it. But WRT54GS rev2.0 and higher has only 2Mb of flash, so the routerbot OS image won’t fit it’s flash. The result of reflashing such router is absolutely unpredictable. It even may start, but eventually will crash into safe mode making the entire filesystem readonly, like this is happening with v1. Or it might become just unbootable like it’s happening with v2 that is even larger then v1.

        This is absolutely horrible practice of Linksys to give the same names to absolutely different devices. The devices are not only based on different hardware but also run absolutely different OS. For instance WRT54GS rev1.0 runs linux and WRT54GS rev2.0 and higher run VxWorks.

        Please verify your router parameters and let me know if this guess is correct. Then we’ll start thinking how to fix it.

    2. kelly says:

      WRT54g version 2
      I can get openwrt to work on it and dd-wrt, so I know it is a Linux compatible router. I’m not discouraged tho I have been logging my progress and will share it with everyone here after I figure out the mystery… this morning I tried using the JTAG to flash the *openwrt-wrt54g-24-squashfs1.bin* directly to the kernel. It stoped somewhere after 4% tho it rolled for 10 minutes or so.. I will try the new compressed BIN from above tonight after work, I do have another linksys on its way in the mail.. Here is a sneak peak at my version of Andrey’s router bot

      • admin says:


        Your robot is great! It looks way more robust then the one I have.

        You’re right WRT54Gv2 should work just fine. Can you reflash it with the regular openwrt linux? The official openwrt image is of the same size as the “Routerbot OS”, so if it is a memory problem it will affect the original image too. BTW, do you have the resistor split on the Tx line?

        One minor problem I noticed on the picture you sent is the tilt servo on your photo. It is 422CR (continuous rotation). CR servos are typically used for wheels, if you try to use it with camera it will start spinning and may damage the wires and the camera.


    3. kelly says:

      all right! success.. It Works! Thank you Andrey. I erased the whole flash waited 1 minute unplugged, powered up waited a few more minutes flashed the CFE waited a few minutes unplugged then powered up and TFTP the new bin from above and success!! after the image successfully finished I waited a few minutes and the routerbot SSID appeared and the VR2 WEP key worked! I guess I will move on to the Routerbot vr2 section.

      as far as the resister split I have no idea how to do that I cant read schematic too well. I have been following your steps as best as I can to my skill level which is beginner..

      I guess I will have to get a different servo for the tilt..

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