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The following is a list of characters in the Terminator franchise consisting the six films and the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; including supporting characters, and important villains.



Auldridge, portrayed by Joshua Malina, is an FBI Agent who handles difficult unsolved cases involving unusual evidence or facts. Little is known about Agent Auldridge. He meets with captured Sarah Connor twice while in prison. On both occasions, he tries to get Sarah to tell him the whereabouts of her son, John Connor, but Sarah refuses to talk. He is visited by (and knows) former FBI Agent James Ellison to discuss Ellison’s former case.


Martin Bedell[edit]

Presidio Alto Military Academy Cadet Captain Martin Bedell, portrayed by Will Rothhaar, plays a role in forming the core of Tech-Com using his military training and experience. Derek Reese and John Connor save him from a T-888 while he is in military prep school. In Derek’s future, he participates in a mission with John of freeing Skynet’s prisoners from one of its concentration camps, Century, including Kyle Reese. Years after the event on the Century Workcamp, he sacrifices himself to save Kyle Reese, John Connor, and thirty nine prisoners from Skynet forces.

Marty Bedell[edit]

Marty Bedell, portrayed by Billy Unger, is a child targeted by a T-888 because he shares the same name as a future hero of the human resistance. Remembering that two other Sarah Connors were killed in 1984 by the T-800 hunting for her, Sarah shelters and protects the boy with the guardian terminator Cameron Phillips, while John Connor and his uncle Derek Reese hunt the T-888. In the Connor home, he prepares a book report on L. Frank Baum‘s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for school. Cameron suggests the novel after finding it on a shelf in their furnished home and reminding Sarah that it was John’s favorite book as a child.

Father Armando Bonilla[edit]

Father Armando Bonilla, portrayed by Carlos Sanz, is a priest to whose church Sarah and John Connor fled in the episode “Samson and Delilah”, escaping from a malfunctioning Cameron. He provides sanctuary to the Connors while they prepare a booby trap for Cameron as it is very likely that it will be able track them down. Father Bonilla is shocked when John Connor tries to cut into Cameron’s skull to remove its chip but is quickly chased away by Sarah. Bonilla appears again in the season finale, conducting a confession to who turns out to be Chola, the lookout in Carlos’ gang in the first season. They seem to have some distant family relations. Bonilla is also asked for by Sarah Connor when she’s incarcerated in LA County Lockup and gets trapped in Sarah’s chamber when Cameron assaults the security to break her out.

Kate Brewster[edit]

Katherine “Kate” Connor (née Brewster) is a fictional character from the Terminator films. She is the wife of John Connor and his future second-in-command. She is portrayed by Claire Danes in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and Bryce Dallas Howard in Terminator Salvation. Danes had previously been asked about returning for another film, and responded, “I don’t think so. I felt sort of kidnapped by the production.”[1] Charlotte Gainsbourg was originally intended to take on the role of Kate after Danes left, but due to scheduling conflicts, she was unable.[2]

Kate grew up before the war. Her father, USAF Lieutenant General Robert Brewster, is the program director for Cyber Research Systems (CRS) and is overseeing development of Skynet. In Terminator 3, she is a veterinarian and is engaged to Scott Mason; however, she is hesitant of marrying him. In the film, it is stated that just prior to the events of Terminator 2, she had a teenage makeout session with John Connor that might have led to a relationship, had the events of T2 not occurred. Scott is killed by a Terminator known as the T-X, and Kate evades it with the help of John and a reprogrammed T-101. The trio set off to CRS to stop her father from activating Skynet, but they arrive too late, and Robert is killed by the T-X. Kate and John reach a hardened fallout shelter in the Sierra Nevada mountains and are able to survive Judgment Day. They use communications equipment within the facility to contact survivors and start a Resistance force.

It is stated by the T-101 that Kate’s future self was the one who sent it back, after the machine killed John’s prior to it being captured and reprogrammed by her.

In Terminator Salvation, set in 2018, Kate is John’s wife and is pregnant with his child. She is also a physician within John’s unit, and later leads a rescue squad for him and others.

Robert Brewster[edit]

Lieutenant General Robert Brewster, portrayed by David Andrews in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, is Kate’s father who is also the program director at Cyber Research Systems (CRS). He is supervising the development of digital defense systems for the United States military, including Skynet. Brewster is hesitant to activate Skynet, as it would have unprecedented control over the country’s unmanned defenses, including nuclear missiles. When a computer virus spreads around the world, Brewster is pressured by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to activate Skynet so it can destroy the virus, unaware that Skynet itself is it. Upon activating Skynet, Brewster is mortally wounded by the T-X to prevent him from interfering with the A.I.’s takeover. He entrusts John to take care of Kate.

Felicia Burnett, MD[edit]

Dr. Felicia Burnett treated Sarah Connor’s gun wound in the episode “The Good Wound.” She was portrayed by actress Laura Regan. She is revealed to have a past with the sheriff who’s investigating Sarah Connor’s shoot-out in the Kaliba warehouse. Felicia assumes that Sarah is being abused and shot by her boyfriend/husband and relates with her. Due to this empathy, Sarah confides her family secrets such as John and Kyle’s relations. After a failed attempt to remove the bullet from Sarah’s thigh, they sneak into a hospital morgue where Felicia successfully removes it. After the operation, Derek Reese enters the room, and thinking him to be Sarah’s abusive boyfriend, Felicia pulls a gun on Derek. During the stand-off, Felicia’s own abusive husband steps in and coarsely orders Felicia to stand down. Overwhelmed, Felicia shoots and kills him and watches as Sarah and Derek leave.



Cameron (Summer Glau) is a Terminator whom John Connor sent back from 2027 to protect his earlier self. Her model and exact capabilities are not known,[3] but she can mimic human mannerisms better than the T-800 model could, and she can also consume small amounts of food, a first for Terminators.[4][5] Her name is a homage to Terminator film franchise creator James Cameron.[6] Glau had not seen the Terminator films prior to being cast as Cameron Phillips, whose role in the series was initially kept concealed but was later revealed to be a Terminator sent from the future to protect John.[4] Friedman had previously wanted to cast Glau in a pilot he wrote four years prior to The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but she was already committed to Serenity.[7] Glau almost did not audition for the role because of her preconceptions of the character and she felt that she did not have “that Terminator look”.[8] On playing Cameron, Glau said she was “intimidated” by the role because it was a challenge for her to balance the human and robot characteristics.[9] Later in the series it is revealed that Cameron assumed the identity of a resistance fighter, Allison Young, before being reprogrammed.


Carlos is portrayed by Jesse Garcia. He is Enrique‘s nephew, and purveyor of forged documents. He calls his uncle a stool pigeon. Among those who sought his service were Sarah and John Connor, and Cameron. During a meeting with FBI Special Agent James Ellison in a deleted scene of the episode “The Turk”, it is implied that Carlos also forged identification and allied documents for Derek Reese and his unit at some point after their arrival from 2027. Carlos’ gang are brutally slaughtered by Margos Sarkissian‘s men.


Carter, portrayed by Brian Bloom, is a Terminator, whose model type is unknown, that was sent back in time to 2007 by Skynet to acquire and store a large amount of Coltan, the metal used to construct Terminators, in the episode “Heavy Metal“. Carter hires various human military personnel, who are unaware of what he truly is, to assist him in his assignment. Once his mission is completed, Carter kills his humans, secures the storage area, and shuts himself down to await further orders. Cameron identifies his endoskeletal structure as different from Cromartie’s. However, when John accidentally is transported inside the secured storage area, he gets trapped with Carter and his men. John tries to retrieve a key from around Carter’s neck without waking him up from Stand-By Mode. John tells Sarah that he isn’t moving and that it is like he’s sleeping. Cameron tells Sarah that Carter’s on Stand-By until his next objective or is triggered awake. Cameron eventually enters the storage area to rescue John and steal the coltan, battles Carter and locks the Terminator inside.

Barbara Chamberlain[edit]

Barbara Chamberlain was the city manager of Los Angeles, whose project would have become a part of Skynet’s future infrastructure. She was killed by Vick Chamberlain, a T-888 posing as her husband.

Vick Chamberlain[edit]

Vick Chamberlain, portrayed by Matt McColm, is a T-888 Terminator sent back in time to help create a traffic surveillance network that Skynet hopes to use in the future. An advanced infiltrator, Vick poses as the husband of city manager Barbara Chamberlain, murders one of her political enemies, and adapts his mission to attack a group of Resistance fighters, including Derek Reese, when he finds one of them spying on her. Although his mission is not directly related to the Connors, he is their principal Terminator adversary early in the first season, while Cromartie obtains a new biological covering and begins his search for them anew.

Vick is first discovered by Cameron, Sarah Connor, and John Connor in “Gnothi Seauton”, lying apparently deactivated among the corpses of time traveling Resistance soldiers in their hideout. It is not clear how Vick was deactivated as he did not appear to be damaged in any way. It is possible that he was simply interrupted while searching the area, and decided to ‘play dead’. Cameron suggests that he was waiting to ambush the last member of the Resistance cell (who turns out to be Derek Reese) when he returned that evening. Upon reactivation, Vick identifies Cameron as an “unknown cyborg”, and he is programmed to evade and re-evaluate his mission. Cameron and Sarah Connor give chase but are thwarted by traffic.

In “Queen’s Gambit”, Vick learns that Derek Reese is in police custody, and gets himself arrested in order to kill Reese. Sarah and Cameron rescue Derek, and once again fight Vick. Before being defeated by Cameron, Vick’s hand is ripped off by a passing truck, becoming lost on the street. FBI Special Agent James Ellison recovers Vick’s hand and takes it when visiting Dr. Silberman in “The Demon Hand”. Vick is terminated when Cameron pulls the CPU from his exposed metal skull. She later incinerates his endoskeleton (less his missing hand) with thermite. As she prepares to do so, Charley Dixon describes Vick as “a scary robot” and Cameron as “a very scary robot.”

Cameron secretly retains Vick’s CPU, which is discovered by Derek in “Vick’s Chip”. John and Sarah decide to investigate its contents, Vick’s mission, and his memories. In doing so, they learn that he maintained a marital relationship with Barbara Chamberlain. Like Cameron, the T-888 models are thus shown capable of mimicking affection and romance, and seducing human partners. After increasing the electrical power too much to the CPU by mistake, the disembodied Vick begins to take over John’s computer to which he is connected, and tries to connect to the internet. It is unknown whether he succeeded before being shut down.

Rupert Chandler[edit]

Rupert Chandler, portrayed by Tim Monsion, is Los Angeles County’s most significant land developer in the early Twentieth Century, and the father of Will Chandler. In the wake of his son’s death on December 31, 1920, Rupert Chandler promises to build a memorial park at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Pico Boulevard, where his son had planned to build his masterpiece, Pico Tower. He is approached by T-888 Terminator Myron Stark at the October 21, 1921, premiere of The Sheik, who offers to pay twice the land’s value, but Chandler refuses to sell. He is subsequently driven to financial ruin by Stark, and must liquidate his assets — including the land at 3rd and Pico.

Will Chandler[edit]

Will Chandler, portrayed by Eric Callero, is an up-and-coming architect in Los Angeles in the early Twentieth Century, and the son of Rupert Chandler. In one timeline, Will Chandler designs and builds Pico Tower at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Pico Boulevard in the 1920s, where T-888 Terminator Myron Stark intends to assassinate California Governor Mark Wyman. Instead, Will Chandler and forty-two others are accidentally killed on December 31, 1920, by Stark whose time displacement bubble arrives ninety years early and sets fire to the speakeasy in which they were celebrating New Year’s Eve. His Pico Tower is eventually built by Stark. There is no real-world tower at or near the corner of Pico Boulevard and 3rd Avenue.[10]


Chola, portrayed by Sabrina Perez, is a member of Carlos’ gang, functioning as the group’s lookout. The character first appears in “Gnothi Seauton”, in which Cameron studies and copies her body language in an order to better simulate human appearance. In “What He Beheld”, (after Carlos’ gang was killed off) Chola visits the Connors and subsequently drives them to the hideout of the so-called False Sarkissian. Afterward, she is seen driving the Connors home. Once the Connors are out of hearing range, Cameron offers to kill Chola, lest she reveal their location. In the end, Cameron gives Chola a loaded sidearm with which to protect herself. She’s next seen at the second season’s finale, providing John Connor and Cameron with forged passports and a message from Sarah Connor; this being the first time since her first appearance in which she speaks.

Sarah Connor[edit]

Sarah Connor, portrayed by Lena Headey, is a major character in the Terminator series. She is the mother of John Connor who will one day become the leader of the human resistance. The authorities, however, see her as a deranged fugitive. Series creator Josh Friedman saw over 300 actresses for the role and described the actress he was looking for was someone “who embodied that spirit and who was believable in that role and not just some glammed up, Hollywood, actressy thing”.[7] After a friend recommended English actress Lena Headey for the role, Friedman watched her audition tape, and thought she was “a tough, tough woman”.[7] Having seen The Terminator when she was a teenager, which “scared the hell out of [her],”[11] Headey was aware of the iconic status of the character and in regards to Linda Hamilton‘s portrayal of the role in the film series, she remarked, “Linda Hamilton will always be the original Sarah Connor and it’s a very strong print that she’s left, but hopefully people will embrace what I bring to Sarah and see it with fresh eyes”.[12] When asked about her approach to the role, Headey said “I’m playing a mother who is a single parent, bringing up a teenage son, who also happens to save the world — as a byline to her life. And the way I would play that is someone who’s passionate and scared and angry and a mother, all these things. So I approach that just trying to be honest within the boundaries of her”.[13] However, the choice to cast Headey was criticized by several fans and critics who argued that she bore no resemblance to the athletic, muscular woman established by Hamilton, who transformed her body into that of a muscled warrior for Terminator 2: Judgment Day.[14] The controversy was covered by the Los Angeles Times,[14] The Boston Herald,[15] and The Guardian,[15] as well as in online forums.[15]

John Connor[edit]

John Connor, portrayed by Thomas Dekker, is Sarah’s son and the future leader of the human resistance. He is only 15 years old at the beginning of the show, turning sixteen in the season one finale. John De Vito as the young John in two episodes “Queen’s Gambit” and “To the Lighthouse”. As the series progresses, John struggles with his feelings for Cameron, who is a Terminator. Dekker was cast after Headey secured the role of Sarah Connor.[16] Regarding the Terminator films, Dekker says “They are like my favorite films when I was younger. So it’s very ironic that I’m getting to do this. And I know for the younger generation and for myself, John was equally important to me as Sarah was, and I know a lot of the people that I hear from really, really care about John”.[17] Dekker describes his character as “a continuation of Eddie Furlong’s character” but “he’s in a darker, more mature place now”.[11]

Kacy Corbin[edit]

Kacy Corbin, portrayed by Busy Philipps, is the pregnant landlady and next-door neighbor of the Connor/Reese family (which she knows as the Baums). Her unborn son’s name is Nick. She attended culinary school with a classmate who knew George Laszlo, and met Nick’s policeman father, Trevor (Jon Huertas) when she was a 25-year-old pastry chef in Silver Lake. John pirates cable television for her, noting afterward to Sarah, “Nobody that pregnant should be forced to watch network television. It’s bad for the baby.” Kacy admits to John that six beers and the rhythm method have proven to be ineffective birth control. Sarah bonds with her when the former takes her to hospital for pregnancy complications, and comforts her there. Kacy and Trevor individually each tell Sarah of Kacy’s fears about Trevor’s profession; either that he will be killed or injured, or that he will “bring his work home”.[18] During the episode “Brothers of Nablus”, Cromartie goes to Kacy’s house in search of Cameron, but Kacy tells him she has never seen her before. She then telephones John and Riley, warning them that a man was looking for them just before Cromartie knocks on their door to look for Cameron.

Jordan Cowan[edit]

Jordan Cowan, portrayed by Alessandra Torresani, is a classmate of John and Cameron, and is the first person whom Cameron is seen attempting to befriend in the series for no operational purpose. She tries to cheer Jordan in the girls’ lavatory by offering her the gift of a “tight” (meaning “appealing”) makeup product in the episode “The Turk”. Afterward, Cameron informs John that she made a friend.

Jordan is upset over graffiti on a classroom door, which hinted she may have had a sexual liaison with a teacher or student. Ashamed, she commits suicide by jumping off of the school’s roof. John had wanted to save her, but Cameron thwarted his chance (knowing that the family’s cover would be blown with unwanted publicity if John effected a rescue). John takes Jordan’s death personally.


Portrayed by Owain Yeoman in the pilot episode and then by Garret Dillahunt in later episodes. It is a substitute teacher in the high school class that John is attending in 1999 and identifies itself as “Cromartie”. During roll call, when John acknowledges his attendance, Cromartie removes a concealed pistol and attempts to kill John. John escapes due to Cameron Phillips taking the bullets. Cameron later runs over Cromartie with a truck and briefly disables it. Cromartie follows them home and engages Cameron in battle again. Unable to destroy Cromartie, Cameron instead shocks it with a live wire, incapacitating it for 120 seconds.

Cromartie eventually tracks John, Sarah and Cameron to a bank vault, demonstrating the model’s immense strength by tearing apart the thick vault door with his bare hands. Intercepting them right before they travel to 2007, it ends up shot by an energy rifle that was hidden in the vault and is supposedly destroyed.

It is later revealed, however, that Cromartie survived, although its biological covering was destroyed, and its head separated from its body. Cromartie’s head was transported to 2007, along with John, Sarah, and Cameron, and is subsequently found by a salvager. The head is able to reactivate the body and able to guide it to its position. After killing the salvager and reattaching the head to its body, the Cromartie terminator, under heavy disguise, searches for a new biological covering.

Its search leads it to a medical scientist, Dr. Flemming, who specializes in cellular growth. When Cromartie shows him a formula to create artificial flesh at an exponential rate, Dr. Flemming is eager to complete the task. However, after the cyborg receives his new flesh covering, it kills the scientist and takes his eyes to cover its own.

Cromartie later seeks the aid of a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Lyman, to build it a new face. After scanning through pictures of all of Dr. Lyman’s patients, it chooses the face of George Laszlo, since he is a 92% structural match. It later kills Dr. Lyman and Laszlo, and steals Laszlo’s identity.

Cromartie later assumes the name Robert Kester and masquerades as an FBI agent, and uses its false credentials to find Sarah and John. However, Agent James Ellison finds out, and attempts to capture it with a Hostage Rescue Team operation. The entire team is killed except for Ellison, who is left face to face with Cromartie in a final showdown. When Ellison lowers his gun in resignation, Cromartie simply stares at him and walks away without firing. Later that evening when Ellison goes to the ruins of Sarah Connor’s house, he is startled to see Cromartie walk up. Ellison tells it that if he was left alive so that he could lead Cromartie to the Connors then he might as well be killed right now, because he will not do “The devil’s work”. The Terminator replies “We’ll see”, before walking away again.

Later, in the season two episode “The Mousetrap”, Cromartie kidnapped Charley Dixon’s wife, Michelle, to lure Sarah out so it could hunt John without interference. After Sarah, Charley and Derek Reese arrived, it set off a bomb where Michelle Dixon was held. Most of them survived, but Michelle was fatally wounded by the bomb’s shrapnel and died from severe blood loss. Cromartie mimicked Sarah’s voice in a phone call to John to bring him out into public, but John spotted Cromartie stalking him and runs to escape. Cromartie dove into the ocean after John, and sank to the bottom, nearly dragging John down with it, though John escaped by a narrow margin. However, Cromartie was later shown walking out of the ocean, which indicates that Terminators are capable of surviving under water. It later appeared at Michelle Dixon’s funeral, probably waiting to find John Connor.

In the episode “Brothers of Nablus,” during its continuous search for the Connors, Cromartie saved Ellison from a double sent by Skynet. Despite the cyborg’s mission, it is shown that Cromartie disagrees with Skynet’s belief that Ellison is useless since leaving the FBI and holds that Ellison can still lead it to the Connors even though the former agent is no longer under the employ of the FBI. These events lead Ellison to intensify his obsession to bring the cyborg down as the former agent is unwilling to be his pawn. This event is also a reminder of how terminators are loyal to their mission, not their creator.

After pursuing John and Riley to Mexico with Sarah as a hostage, Cromartie was led into a trap by Ellison and gunned down by Sarah, Derek, Cameron, and ultimately John. The team buried the endoskeleton outside a Mexican church, promising Ellison to return with materials to destroy it permanently, and Sarah destroyed its CPU beyond repair with the butt of an MP5, apparently “killing” it once and for all. The title of this episode, “Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today,” is a reference to Cromartie’s initial appearance in the pilot episode when it masqueraded as John Connor’s substitute teacher.

In the episode “Complications”, Ellison exhumes Cromartie’s endoskeleton for Catherine Weaver. In the following episode, “Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point”, Weaver reveals to Ellison that her Babylon project team have repaired Cromartie’s body and connected it to the sentient computer mind developed from Andy Goode‘s Turk chess computer – the artificial intelligence believed destined to become Skynet. Operating Cromartie’s former head, the system politely greets a shocked Ellison and identifies himself as “John Henry“, a name recently given to it by the late Dr. Boyd Sherman.

The T-888 endoskeleton, shared by Cromartie, “Vick” and possibly also “Carter”, is very similar to the classic T-800/850 Model, with some minor differences. The endoskeleton structure contains some upgrades, including additional armor plating to protect the spinal column and chest, as well as bladed surfaces on the inner thighs, allowing a (presumably fleshless) T-888 to decapitate a human if it can get them in a headlock between its legs.[19] The endoskeleton itself is smaller than the 800/850, allowing for a wider variety of disguises. If decapitated, a T-888’s head can guide the body to itself, even over long distances. Apparently, this is what makes it possible for the headless body of a T-888 to navigate itself successfully around obstacles and through the city, evade detection, and attack/kill those who get in its way, even though there is no visible evidence of audiovisual sensors anywhere other than the head.

Additionally, the silicon CPU chip is directly attached to the shock-damping assembly, whereas on the T-800 this was a separate piece which required removal before the CPU chip itself could be accessed.[20] T-888s’ selection of voice synthesis is not a function of their CPU chip, as demonstrated at the end of “Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point”, when the John Henry computer spoke through Cromartie’s former head in the voice of the late George Laszlo, despite Cromartie’s CPU having been destroyed by Sarah Connor at the end of “Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today” and the voice having been adopted by the Terminator only after taking Laszlo’s appearance.

T-888 flesh can retain its natural appearance for decades as demonstrated by Myron Stark who encased himself in a wall from May 1927 until the unspecified date (December 1, 2008[21] through late 2010[22]) in episode, “Self-Made Man”.

Like Cameron, Cromartie has been able to defeat and outsmart other Terminators, strongly suggesting that lifetime and experience makes the Terminators more effective.

According to the Sarah Connor Chronicles: Behind the Scenes featurette, the T-888 possesses two more additional backup CPUs with the same neural net architecture.



Dana, portrayed by Michelle Arthur, is Sarah Connor’s roommate in her dream-like experience in a sleep clinic in the episode “Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep”. She speaks with an English accent and she’s also addicted to nicotine as it was seen when Sarah catches her smoking when they first meet. She admits having an addiction but doesn’t really regret it. Dana also mentions having a soft spot for young men that is seen when she flirtatiously greets John Connor during visiting hours. She tells Sarah that in her dreams she’s burning, a condition which Sarah associates with her smoking habit. She’s last seen when her portion of the room burns but it’s implied by the nurse that she pulled through the incident.

Riley Dawson[edit]

Riley Dawson, portrayed by Leven Rambin, is John’s new love interest that he meets at school, much to the consternation of Sarah. John does not reveal the story of his life to her, but as they get closer, he realizes he is endangering her life. Unknown to John, a resistance fighter, Jesse, has brought Riley back from the future to prevent John from getting too close to Cameron, and to get close to John. She appears to develop genuine romantic feelings for John. Jesse later kills Riley after a struggle.

Charley Dixon[edit]

Charley Dixon, portrayed by Dean Winters, is Sarah Connor‘s fiance in 1999 before she leaves him, fearing discovery of her true identity and thus her son John‘s death. After an explosion at the Security Trust Bank of Los Angeles in which Sarah and John are assumed to be killed, Charley comes to Los Angeles to see the rubble for himself. There, he settles, meets, and eventually marries Michelle Dixon. Eight years later, Charley immediately recognizes Sarah and John from the television news reports of their nude appearance in the middle of Interstate Highway 105 (the bank explosion was a time displacement field that transported the Connors, Cameron, and the flaming head of a T-888 forward in time). After helping to save the life of John’s uncle Derek Reese, Charley learns of John’s father’s identity, Sarah’s past, and the impending future of Skynet.

Cromartie, the T-888 pursuing the Connors, kidnaps Charley’s wife to lure Sarah, intercept her telephone conversation with John, and prevent Sarah’s interference in Cromartie’s hunt for John. After Sarah arrives at Michelle’s location with Derek and Charley, and Sarah talks to John on the phone, Cromartie detonates explosives at the base of a mobile communications antenna tower, rendering it useless and nearly killing the four humans in the adjoining structure onto which it falls. Sarah, Derek and Charley receive only superficial wounds, but Michelle is severely injured by the flying debris, leaving Charley a widower when she succumbs to her wounds later in the episode. In the episode, “Self Made Man”, dialogue from John reveals that Charley left Los Angeles following his wife’s funeral. In the episode “To The Lighthouse”, it is revealed that he relocated to a lighthouse on an island. When the island is invaded (possibly by Kaliba goons), however, Charley is killed while trying to fight them off with a gun.


Dietz, portrayed by Theo Rossi, is a lieutenant under the command of Jesse Flores in USS Jimmy Carter. He was assigned with the mission to acquire a special package stored on an oil platform near Indonesia from a group of rather early model Terminators. He’s visibly distraught by the encounter with a “Rubberskin” and begins to question the Resistance’s co-operation with the machines. In “The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter” he breaks into the cargo bay to see what the package contains which turns out to be a frozen T-1001. During his argument with Jesse about his intrusion, the cryogenic casing thaws and T-1001 gets loose, killing Officer Goodnow and assumes her shape. Afterwards Dietz becomes highly paranoid and clashes with Jesse. He harasses Jesse and gets struck down by her, starting a fight. As he stands over Jesse to possibly murder her, he’s grabbed by Queeg, who slams him to a nearby wall, killing him on the spot.

Michelle Dixon[edit]

Michelle Dixon, portrayed by Sonya Walger, is the wife of Charley (Sarah’s former fiancé of 1999, in the pilot episode). In the season two episode “Automatic for the People”, she is told about Terminators by James Ellison. She is kidnapped, bound, and gagged by Cromartie and dies from injuries in the next episode, “The Mousetrap”.

Danny Dyson[edit]

Danny Dyson is the son of Miles and Tarissa Dyson, and appears as a child in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, played by DeVaughn Nixon, and an adult in Terminator Genisys, played by Dayo Okeniyi. In Terminator 2, after Sarah Connor attacks the Dysons in an attempt to kill Miles and stop him from creating Skynet, Danny shields his father and begs Sarah not to kill him. After Sarah relents out of guilt and the Terminator reveals the truth to Miles and Tarissa, John takes Danny to his room for his safety.

In Terminator Genisys, where the timeline has been altered by Skynet since the events of 1973, by the year 2017, Danny has become the CEO of Cyberdyne Systems and is heading the creation of Genisys, which is a disguised Skynet, with help from both John Connor, who has actually been turned by Skynet into the T-3000 and sent to the past to ensure Skynet’s rise while the Dysons remain unaware of the coming threat.

Miles Dyson[edit]

Terissa Dyson[edit]

Terissa Dyson is portrayed by Charlayne Woodard. She is the widow of Dr. Miles Dyson, the original designer of SkyNet. Charlayne Woodard takes over the role from S. Epatha Merkerson, who played “Tarissa Dyson” (the character’s name is spelled “Tarissa” in Terminator 2: Judgment Day) in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Sarah visits her twice, both times to push for information on the potential continuation of her husband’s work. During their final encounter, she reluctantly offers up the much needed information, but is dismayed at the fact more people will die in the struggle.


James Ellison[edit]

James Ellison (Richard T. Jones) is an FBI Special Agent pursuing Sarah Connor. At first puzzled by what he initially thinks is Sarah’s outlandish story, he later collects inexplicable evidence of the Terminators (including the body of Cromartie) and gradually realizes the truth. Jones describes his character as a “man of faith”[23] and likens him to that of Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.[24] Jones was allowed to improvise a few lines to provide “a little bit of comic relief” to the show.[24] In the second season, Ellison pursues employment with ZeiraCorp, allying himself with Catherine Weaver (whom he does not know is a Terminator until the series finale).

Lila Ellison[edit]

Special Agent Lila Ellison, portrayed by Fay Wolf, is the colleague and ex-wife of James Ellison. She aborted her pregnancy without her first husband’s knowledge, which led to their eventual divorce, as James Ellison couldn’t cope with the knowledge that Lila sacrificed their unborn child for the sake of her career. She is now married to Paul.


Eric, portrayed by Billy Lush, is a graduate student who works nights in a library. Eric allows Cameron off-hours access to the library. In appreciation, she brings him his favorite doughnuts (glazed, rainbow sprinkled and cinnamon twisted) at each visit. Cameron, who secretly studies literature and arcane world history, identifies him as her only friend. Dependent on a wheelchair, he is, like her, an amalgamation of biological material and machinery: organic tissues surrounded by a mechanized metal exoskeleton, in contrast to her organic tissues surrounding a mechanized metal endoskeleton. They are each somewhat socially isolated, and aware of their respective malfunctioning programming (his malignant chromosomes and her damaged CPU). Cameron reads Othello, the Moor of Venice at Eric’s request.

Cameron confides in Eric potentially compromising information for no tactical gain. Although unaware that Cameron is not human, or that her “brother” will save humanity from machines, Eric is entrusted with the knowledge that Cameron carries a concealed sidearm and has used it to protect her brother from people who wish to harm him. Using telephone directories as a backstop, she allows Eric to fire her 9 mm Glock pistol and gives him the still-hot bullet as a keepsake. Before Cameron traveled with John in “Complications” to destroy Cromartie‘s endoskeleton, she informed Eric that the two were going to Mexico to see a friend.[25] Cameron has also confided in him her ill-ease concerning the “crazy blonde” whom John is dating. She does not pretend to struggle with his weight when she carries him upstairs to the film vault, nor does she conceal her ability to read a microfiche with her naked ‘eye’. She tells Eric of her ability to calculate the date by the seemingly imperceptible movement of stars relative to each other, and reveals her superhuman diagnostic capabilities. Eric admits his previous battle with bone cancer but claims to be in remission. Cameron, however, diagnoses his Ewing’s sarcoma, identifying a small secondary tumor in his arm, a possible tumor in his lungs, an eight percent decrease in his body weight over the preceding fortnight, and reduced muscle strength. Due to Cameron’s lack of social skills and tact when revealing this to him, Eric becomes upset with her and tells her to leave. The next time Cameron visits the library at night, Eric is not there, but Cameron is instead accepted into the building by his apparent replacement.


Anne Fields[edit]

Anne Fields, portrayed by Rebecca Creskoff, is the wife of David Fields, and the mother of Lauren Fields and Sydney Fields. She is a homemaker who begins an affair with neighbour Roger Shaffer after David falls and injures his back. Her relationship with Roger twice puts her family at risk from an unnamed T-888. When Roger approaches the Fields’ home for a liaison, believing David and Lauren to be away camping, Anne destroys Sarah Connor‘s electrical boobytrap, leaving them effectively defenseless. Six months later, she telephones Roger while the Fields are in hiding. The call is intercepted by the T-888 who promptly arrives at their motel. Anne is severely wounded by the T-888, but David’s defense provides Anne and Lauren enough time to escape and call Sarah for help. Lauren and Derek Reese tend to Anne’s wounds in a vacant maintenance garage and deliver Sydney. Derek informed Anne and Lauren of the motive of the T-888 – her unborn daughter’s future importance in combating a plague caused by Skynet. He also revealed the name the family would’ve given to the baby, Sydney, if their lives hadn’t been interfered with by the T-888. Anne dies moments after giving birth. Lauren leaves her necklace and Saint Jude medal on Anne’s body, lest they serve as a Terminator’s sighting target on herself.

David Fields[edit]

David Fields, portrayed by Carlos Jacott, is the husband of Anne Fields, the father of Lauren Fields, and the nominal (but not biological) father of Sydney Fields whom he predeceases. He takes prescription narcotics in response to his back injury. David and Lauren enjoy camping and building birdhouses. Anne cuckolds him regularly with their next-property neighbour, Roger Shaffer.

Sarah Connor and Cameron identify his family as the target named by the time-travelling resistance soldier in blood on their basement window. David is a banker who conducts illegal banking transactions for a technology company, Simdyne Cybernetics Corporation, and is therefore assumed by Sarah to be the target of the unnamed T-888 hunting them. Retrieving his revolver from the waistband of the inoperative Cameron, David ventures out of the family’s home toward the approaching T-888 and offers himself in order to spare his family. The T-888, however identifies David as a harmless non-target and tosses him aside. Six months later, David sacrifices himself again to protect his family. When the T-888 finds them in a motel, David empties a Mossberg shotgun into the T-888 before manually attacking it with a table leg and curtain rod. David dies, but he delays the T-888 long enough for the Fields to escape[26] and for Sarah to arrive and destroy the T-888.[27]

Lauren Fields[edit]

Lauren Fields, portrayed by Samantha Krutzfeldt, is the daughter of David Fields and Anne Fields. She is the half-sister and adoptive mother of Sydney Fields. She meets Sarah Connor and Cameron six months before Sydney’s birth, when Sarah and Cameron invade her family’s home and protect them from an unnamed T-888 in the present. Lauren enjoys camping and building birdhouses with her father, and is aware that her father is regularly cuckolded by her mother with neighbour Roger Shaffer. Lauren informs Sarah of her banker father’s dealings with technology company Simdyne Cybernetics. The two thus incorrectly theorise that he is a target. Six months later, the T-888 finds the family again, but Lauren and her pregnant mother are able to escape and telephone Sarah who sends Derek Reese. Derek quickly recognises Lauren’s aptitude and emotional preparedness for soldiering, both in her general demeanor and her confident handling of a large-caliber sidearm. Lauren and Derek deliver baby Sydney, and Derek invites the two orphaned Fields girls to live with the Connors. While Derek telephones Sarah, however, Lauren disappears with Sydney, leaving behind her necklace and Saint Jude medal, lest they be used as a sighting target. In 2027, Lauren is among those at Serrano Point, treating the infected Derek and Jesse with antibodies produced by Sydney. This implies that it was the unborn Sydney Fields/Anne who was the true target of the T-888 in the past.

Sydney Fields[edit]

Sydney Fields, portrayed by one or more uncredited infant(s) in the present and Haley Hudson in 2027, is the issue of the adulterous liaison between Anne Fields and Roger Shaffer (her nominal father is Anne’s husband, David Fields). Sydney is delivered in an apparently abandoned maintenance garage by Derek Reese and her half-sister Lauren in the present, while Anne lies dying of gunshot wounds from an unnamed T-888. After Anne dies in childbirth, Sydney is raised in secret by Lauren. In 2027, she survives Skynet’s biological weapon attack on Eagle Rock Bunker and sends out a distress call. The call is independently responded to by both Major General Perry‘s command at the Serrano Point nuclear power plant, and the Australian resistance force who came to Los Angeles aboard USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) for supplies. The former send Derek Reese, and the latter Jesse, to rescue her. Both become infected in spite of their protective masks but are saved, along with countless others, by antibodies produced by Sydney’s immune body.

Charles Fischer[edit]

Charles Fischer, portrayed by Adam Busch and Richard Schiff, was an engineer who was convicted of a crime and survived Judgment Day because of being incarcerated in the fortified Pelican Bay State Prison. After being “rescued” by the machines, he worked for Skynet, training Terminators how to torture humans for information. Among those upon whom he demonstrated was an alternate version of Derek Reese. He was subsequently sent back in time by Skynet on a mission to create a backdoor in a vital defense database at the firm where he worked before prison (and thus had access through his retinal scan and fingerprint). After the old Charles Fischer installs the backdoor, both he (posing as watch repairman Paul Stewart) and his younger self are captured by Jesse who recognizes him from the future. Jesse and Derek violently interrogate the two Fischers together into confessing his future misdeeds, though he insists that his presence in the present is a reward and not a mission. Jesse kills the older Charles Fischer (just as Derek is about to shoot the younger Fischer) and they let his younger self go. Derek has no memory of the torture and theorizes that he and Jesse came back in time from two different futures. The younger Charles Fischer is arrested hours later by agents of the United States Department of Homeland Security for the cyberattack.

Jesse Flores[edit]

Jesse Flores, portrayed by Stephanie Jacobsen, is an Australian resistance sailor with the rank of commander and Derek Reese’s love interest. In the original future time line and perhaps the current future time line, as executive officer aboard the nuclear submarine USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23), captained by a reprogrammed Terminator, she sails to Los Angeles for supplies. While in Los Angeles in 2027, she answers a distress signal from 20-year-old Sydney Fields at Eagle Rock Bunker. Before entering the bunker, she halts Derek Reese‘s suicide attempt, telling him, “Your fly is open”. Inside of the infected bunker, the protective masks she and Derek wear are useless against the pathogen. Her symptoms strike sooner and more severely than Derek’s, but both recover in a hospital where they are treated with antibodies produced by Sydney’s immune body.

Jesse and Derek quickly begin a brief but passionate relationship, as Derek is soon sent to the past with three other resistance soldiers on a mission to halt Skynet’s construction. During their affair, Jesse was pregnant with Derek’s child but miscarried during a submarine mission. Jesse wasn’t aware that she was pregnant, and the knowledge of the loss of her unborn child led to Jesse to travel to the present as she blames Cameron for the miscarriage. In the episode, “Strange Things Happen At The One-Two Point”, Jesse confesses to Derek that she didn’t merely return from the future AWOL, to escape circumstances she could no longer bear, but rather she is on a mission to find and stop Cameron from adversely influencing young John. In the future from which Jesse comes, John has withdrawn from humans and speaks only with Cameron. This Jesse is from a future time line slightly different from Derek’s.[28]

In the present, she resides in a hotel, jogs, has a weakness for food-court Chinese food, and photographically reconnoiters the Connor family. She recognizes human traitor Charles Fischer from her future and promptly takes him captive. While she and Derek begin to interrogate him, Jesse similarly captures Fischer’s twenty-year younger self to interrogate as well. She executes the older Fischer, though the pair release Fischer’s younger self. Derek reveals to her that he is John’s uncle, making her the fourth person to know.

It is revealed to the audience, but not Derek, that Riley Dawson is working for Jesse, with the objective of getting close to John Connor and getting information. In “Earthlings Welcome Here”, Jesse is revealed to have recruited Riley from the future. Initially she treats Riley well, but later displays a very callous attitude toward Riley. Eventually, in the episode “Ourselves Alone”, Riley turns on Jesse, believing that she is deliberately pushing Riley to provoke Cameron into killing her. In the subsequent struggle, Jesse shoots and kills Riley. When John Connor finds out that she killed Riley, he confronts Jesse, then lets her go. Then Jesse meets Derek in a parking lot, and Derek tells her that John Connor said to let her go. But then he adds that he isn’t John Connor, and he attempts to shoot her. It is not shown if she gets away or is killed, and she does not appear again in the series, making her fate unknown.

In the episodes “Today Is The Day” and “The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter”, Jesse is seen in the future commanding the submarine USS Jimmy Carter along with a re-programmed T-888 named Queeg. In contrast to her obvious disdain for reprogrammed terminators in the present, Jesse seems to get along with Queeg, trusting him with delicate maneuvers of the ship in battle, and later defending him when he alters course for a secret mission to pick up a package in well defended Skynet waters. However, the rest of the crew do not trust him, and a mutinous riot breaks out when some of the crew defy orders and open the package, and discover they have brought aboard a T-1001 Terminator, which promptly kills a crew member and escapes. Despite this, Queeg insists they ignore it and continue as planned, and when confronted, will not explain why.

When a paranoid Dietz accuses another crew member of being a Terminator, Jesse breaks up the fight only to find herself the target instead. Dietz and several others begin to brutally beat her, until Queeg intervenes, slamming the ringleader Dietz into a wall, killing him. Shocked, she confronts Queeg and orders him to surrender his chip. When Queeg does not comply, Jesse blasts his chip with her plasma rifle. She then smashes the control console and orders the crew to abandon ship. On her way to the escape pod, she encounters T-1001 who gives her a message: “Tell John Connor that the answer is no.” Jesse is then questioned by Cameron in Serrano Point and -after some protest first about Cameron’s proximity to John Connor- she passes the message on. Upon seeing Cameron slightly distraught, she demands to know what was the question, learning that it was “Will you join us?” supposedly John Connor’s attempt to recruit T-1001.

On a side note, Jesse told Derek Reese that the fresh scar on her waist was caused by a rampant re-programmed T-888 who turned on her squad but details of that event were never unfolded in the show.



Ginger (portrayed by Bess Motta) was Sarah Connor’s roommate and best friend in 1984. She is an avid fan of music and could frequently be seen carrying a walkman. She, along with her boyfriend Matt were killed by the T-800 when it came to Sarah’s adpartment looking for her.

The character of Ginger was originally written as an Areobics Instructor, which in turn, was an occupation of Motta’s at the time. A Gym scene depicting Ginger as an Instructor was present in the original script, but was never filmed.[29]

Andy Goode[edit]

Andrew “Andy” David Goode, portrayed by Brendan Hines, was a young college dropout from Caltech who interned with Cyberdyne Systems, and worked as an assistant to Miles Dyson. His experience at Cyberdyne helped him create an advanced artificial intelligence chess playing program, The Turk. Sarah destroyed it by setting fire to his home, fearing the Turk would lead to the creation of Skynet, although he later was able to rebuild it. He did however note that the “New” Turk had significant “personality” differences than the Original Turk. Andy had a romantic interest with Sarah.

In the episode “Queen’s Gambit“, Andy was killed after a chess tournament by Kyle Reese‘s brother, Derek Reese, who then claimed someone else stole Goode’s artificial intelligence prototype. He is shown in the episode “Dungeons and Dragons” in a future world during Derek’s flashback. In it Andy appears older and had renamed himself as “William Wisher”, a Resistance soldier and a friend of the Reese brothers. After being captured by Skynet’s Machine Network, he reveals to Derek Reese that he is one of the ten or fifteen people responsible for creating Skynet. Before Derek made his journey through time, Goode gives a nod to Derek implying that he knows what Derek’s mission must be. Near the end of the episode, it is explained that Derek kills Andy when he travels back through time to the present timeline of the previous episode, extinguishing Andy as part of the group who would create Skynet. His family later cremated his body during his funeral.

In the episode “Born To Run” it is revealed that The New Turk — now in the form of John Henry — is not destined to become Skynet, but rather oppose it. The episode “To The Lighthouse” reveals that another AI in the present, which shares an identical code as The Turk in the present, attempted to compromise John Henry at ZeiraCorp. This AI — referred to as John Henry’s “brother” – is connected to Kaliba, a company which has apparently been run by Skynet agents.

Andy’s assumed name of William Wisher is named for James Cameron’s co-writer on both The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, William Wisher, Jr. who also made cameo appearances in both films.

Officer Goodnow[edit]

Goodnow, whose first name is not mentioned in the show, portrayed by Erin Fleming, is an officer under command of Jesse Flores aboard USS Jimmy Carter. She is a squad mate of Lieutenant Dietz during the acquisition of a special package in Indonesian zone. Afterwards, she, along with the rest of the same squad, breaks into the cargo bay to find out the contents of the package. During the stand-off between Jesse and Dietz in the cargo hold, the T-1001 in the cryogenic case thaws and Goodnow pulls her rifle on her only to be stabbed and killed merely seconds later. She’s later seen when the crew abandons the submarine as the T-1001 assumes her shape to deliver a message to Jesse.

Carl Greenway[edit]

Carl Greenway, portrayed by Paul Schulze, is the safety officer of Serrano Point nuclear power plant in “Automatic for the People”. His name is among those written on the Connor’s basement wall by a future resistance fighter. He is ostracised by the plant’s workers, not because his prior cancer is a bad omen, but because his negative inspection reports threaten the plant’s operations license and thus their jobs. He is killed and replaced by a look-alike T-888 Terminator which sabotages the plant. The damage is mitigated by Cameron Phillips who successfully fights the Greenway Terminator and hides its non-functional remains in a 55-gallon drum among the nuclear waste. The sabotage, while less severe than intended, is ultimately successful, as it causes the plant’s owners to contract with Mr. Bradbury (a T-1001 Terminator) of Automite Systems to install automated controls in all seven of their nuclear power plants.


Grace Harper[edit]

Grace Harper, portrayed by Mackenzie Davis, is part of a security detail for her adoptive mother, Daniella Ramos, the leader of the future resistance against the machines in an alternate future where Skynet was erased from existence but replaced with another rogue A.I., Legion. After being severely wounded by a Rev-7, Grace volunteers to become an augmented soldier by technology, granting her limited levels of enhanced strength and speed and an ability to sense Legion’s machines at proximity. Later, after the machines are defeated, she is sent back in time to protect a younger Dani from Legion’s Rev-9. After locating Dani, she joins forces with an aging Sarah Connor and a T-800, named Carl, to counter and destroy the Rev-9, and, in the process, learns about John Connor and Skynet, that the timeline had altered before because of Sarah and Carl’s respective actions. At first, Grace conceals Dani’s true significance from her, leading Sarah to believe that Dani is destined to give birth to the leader of the resistance as she did to John, but Grace eventually reveals the truth, telling her that she is not the “mother of some man” destined to save the future. In the climactic battle against the Rev-9 in a power plant, Grace (already mortally wounded after being stabbed by the Rev-9) insists that Dani and Carl use her power source as an EMP to destroy the rogue machine before she dies.

John Henry[edit]

John Henry, portrayed initially by computer equipment and Garret Dillahunt as of the end of “Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point”, is a sentient computer built by Catherine Weaver‘s Babylon team at ZeiraCorp. His initial hardware and software were the Turk chess computer built by Andrew “Andy” David Goode. He is named John Henry by his psychologist, Dr. Boyd Sherman, after the mythical steel driving John Henry of American folklore. John Henry is given complete control over the building’s electrical service at Weaver’s insistence, so that he can route electrical power to his servers as necessary to develop his mind. Input is provided electronically at first, and later through voice recognition. Initially, he has no textual output, and can express himself only with visual imagery. Once connected to Cromartie‘s T-888 body, however, he speaks in the voice of the late George Laszlo. John Henry can see through the lab’s security cameras.

Early in its development, the computer that became John Henry demonstrates a childlike sense of humor, the manifestation of which baffled its programmers and Weaver. Weaver shows the output to Dr. Sherman who was treating young Savannah Weaver for insolence and incontinence. He immediately recognizes the images as a pun told to him by another child whom he was treating, explaining that a mathematics textbook is sad because it has so many ‘problems’. Impressed by Dr. Sherman’s ability to communicate with the computer and his skill at treating Savannah, the T-1001 as Catherine Weaver convinces him to work as a part-time consultant on the Babylon project.

In his brief time working with John Henry, Dr. Sherman is not able to instill ethics in the computer. John Henry is aware that Dr. Sherman is suffering when John Henry routes the building’s power away from the security and climate control systems, and causes a trapped Dr. Sherman to die by hyperthermia, but does not care. John Henry does not understand that death is permanent for humans. He is aware that Dr. Sherman is dead, yet summons emergency medical personnel to revive him. James Ellison who, like Weaver, tends to refer to Biblical scripture, suggests to Weaver that, as John Henry is a computer and can be given commands, she should start with “the first ten”. With Ellison’s mission of capturing a Terminator for Weaver complete, she sets him to the task of replacing Dr. Sherman as John Henry’s tutor/counselor at the end of “Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point”. Weaver gives Ellison a remote control of the endoskeleton for his defense in case the cyborg went rogue, implying Weaver installed fail-safes in case the artificial intelligence program turned against her.

As John Henry’s AI progresses, he quickly unravels many mysteries. John Henry discovers exactly who Cromartie was, and who Ms. Weaver is and what her plot is in the episode, “The Good Wound”. John Henry is becoming more like Skynet every time it learns something, for example, painting monsters, playing “hide and seek” with Savannah Weaver and learning from the T-1001 that humans will disappoint him.

In the episode “To The Lighthouse”, he malfunctions, nearly harming Savannah, but is shut down before doing so. Then it is shown that he has been fatally compromised. He is then reactivated however. Then he shows Miles Dyson on the screen, and he reveals to the T-1001 that James Ellison was in charge of Sarah Connor’s case.

In “Adam Raised A Cain” John Henry contemplates his shut-down period which was described by Mr. Murch as a seemingly eternal, slow and agonizing death. John Henry refers to his attacker from the previous episode as his “brother” due to the fact both of them shared similar data. He relates this bond to the story of Cain and Abel; the Biblical story of two brothers one which murders the other out of jealousy and is punished to wander alone. In his confusion in trying to figure which one he’s supposed to be, it’s suggested by Weaver that he might as well be God in that story, pointing towards a greater cause. In the same episode, he and Savannah became close friends, and was concerned of her safety after the child’s encounters with a T-888 and the Connors.

In the season finale, after Connors’ confrontation with Catherine Weaver, Weaver admits that she built John Henry AI to fight against Skynet. It’s also seen that John Henry is no longer connected to the server farm in the basement, gaining mobility via what seems to be Cameron’s chip.

Nurse Hobson[edit]

Nurse Hobson portrayed by Julie Ann Emery, is the nurse in charge of the sleep clinic where Sarah goes to get treated for her insomnia in the episode “Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep”. She puts out a friendly exterior at first but it is soon apparent that she is extremely serious about the treatment process. During the episode Sarah Connor observes odd behavior such as applying sedative injections to an already passed-out patient. After a fire incident in Sarah’s room, John Connor attempts to break his mother out, but she convinces him to investigate the facility. As it turns out, the sleep clinic is a cover operation for human brain scans. As John Connor deletes his mother’s data from the database, Hobson returns to the basement to confront Sarah Connor. After a brief struggle, John Connor comes out from hiding and shoots Hobson. As Sarah Connor examines her closely, she wakes up (suggesting that she is a Terminator) and kills the Connors. However, this event is later revealed to be a dream sequence.



Jody, portrayed by Leah Pipes, is a young woman in her late teens or early twenties. Having failed in her studies at the California Institute of the Arts and being rejected by her parents, she becomes a prostitute and thief, living for a time in a halfway house on Yucca Street in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Jody is a pathological liar who pretends to befriend the malfunctioning and confused Cameron when she sees Cameron’s substantial wad of currency in “Allison from Palmdale”. She introduces Cameron to the halfway house and to foosball, a game with which Cameron displays genuine enjoyment. Her lies to Cameron concerning her background are numerous and contradictory. She encourages Cameron to rob a house with her in order to finance their relocation to Portland, Oregon. There, Cameron deduces the truth: that the home is that of Jody’s parents, and that Jody intended Cameron to be caught by the police after tripping the silent alarm. Demonstrating an emotional reaction, Cameron retaliates by choking Jody to unconsciousness. Jody meets Cromartie in “Brothers of Nablus” when he comes to the halfway house purportedly looking for his niece and presenting a photograph of Cameron. Recognizing Cromartie’s ruse immediately, Jody assumes him to be first a policeman and then an angry stalker, and is quite eager to help him find both Cameron and her “brother” John Baum (i.e., John Connor) to seek revenge. Cromartie eventually tires of her annoying behavior, and literally throws her out of his car before driving off and leaving her on the streets.


Detective Kaplan[edit]

Detective Kaplan, portrayed by Scott Vance, interrogates James Ellison, believing him to be the murderer of a man whose clothes he then stole. The T-1001 commonly known as Catherine Weaver then assumes Kaplan’s appearance and re-interviews the eyewitness who admits to seeing Ellison emerge naked from a blue-purple energy bubble that left a “dent” in the street, and snap the victim’s neck like a toothpick. The actions had been committed by a T-888 whose flesh covering was modeled after Ellison. With the witness thus revealed as a “nutcase”, Ellison is released. Weaver presumably killed the real Kaplan before assuming his identity.


George Laszlo[edit]

George Laszlo, portrayed by Garret Dillahunt, is an actor and patient of plastic surgeon Dr. David Lyman. He stars in the 2005 direct-to-video feature Beast Wizard 7 in which his costume and sword are a clear and obvious allusion to then-future Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982’s Conan the Barbarian.[30] James Ellison watches the film at his home in the episode, “The Mousetrap”. Kacy Corbin‘s unnamed caterer friend likes him and notes that Laszlo eats with the crew.[31]

As his structure is a 92% match for a T-888 Terminator, Cromartie instructs Dr. Lyman to reshape his new flesh to match Laszlo’s. Laszlo is then killed by Cromartie who takes over his identity and apartment in Reseda as a base of operations. After learning that Cromartie is impersonating an FBI agent, James Ellison leads an HRT assault on Laszlo’s/Cromartie’s apartment where all but Ellison and Cromartie perish. Cromartie leaves Laszlo’s body, and Ellison finds himself essentially forced to blame the mass murder of twenty agents on Laszlo. After Cromartie’s CPU is extracted and destroyed, his former T-888 body (still appearing as Laszlo) is connected to John Henry who speaks in Laszlo’s voice (actor Garret Dillahunt’s natural voice).

When Savannah Weaver confides in John Connor that her friend, John Henry, lives in the basement of her mommy‘s office because he has a cord in the back of his head, Connor shows her a photograph of Laszlo on the internet and asks if she recognizes him as John Henry. From her confirmation, John determines that ZeiraCorp is building Terminators or “something worse”.



Morris, portrayed by Luis Chávez, is a classmate of John Connor and Cameron Phillips from Campo de Cahuenga High School in LA. He is unpopular with some of his Latino peers. He is attracted to Cameron. In the first-season finale, he secures a prom date with Cameron after John prompts her. Although a recurring character in Season 1, he has not featured in Season 2.

Matt Murch[edit]

Matt Murch, portrayed by Shane Edelman, is the lead engineer and programmer in Project Babylon that evolved into John Henry AI. He admits to James Ellison that he’s not much of a person that is interested in Bible, when asked if he knew the myth of Babylon. Throughout the season he acts as Catherine Weaver’s consultant about John Henry. He seems to be rather intimidated by Catherine Weaver but it’s highly likely that this is due to her strict and no-nonsense behavior than it is from her true nature. Murch also provides John Henry with recreational activities to develop motor functions or imaginative capacity, such as robot action figures such as LEGO Bionicle sets, monster models (along with paint, seemingly Warhammer figures) and Fantasy Role Playing sets. As John Henry points out in the episode “Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter” Matt Murch has a secret file, with no date, held by Catherine Weaver which states that he resigned and relocated in a different city; implying that Weaver considered killing him in case he became a liability.



O’Brien, portrayed by J. K. Simmons (Old) and Wayne Bastrup (Young) in Terminator Genisys, is a police detective with the San Francisco Police Department who investigates time travelers, especially Terminators, correctly suspects that there is a conspiracy orchestrated by killer machines from the future and seeks to learn it. While on patrol as a rookie officer in 1984 at Los Angeles, he and his partner Gerber encounter and arrest Kyle Reese as he arrives from an erased future timeline. Gerber is killed by the T-1000, which O’Brien witnesses, leading him to become the only one who believes Reese and Sarah Connor about Terminators. Thirty-three years later, when Reese and Sarah travel to 2017, an older O’Brien recognizes them on the news and speaks up for them in the hospital. Though Reese recognizes him, O’Brien’s superiors refuse to listen. After they are arrested once again while fleeing from John Connor, who has since been transformed into the T-3000, O’Brien is shot in the shoulder when John infiltrates the station, but frees Sarah and Reese, returns their weapons to them and helps them escape in a police helicopter so that they can stop the Skynet-precursor, Genisys, from going online and starting Judgment Day.


Major General Perry[edit]

Major General Perry, portrayed by Peter Mensah, leads the human Resistance force based at Serrano Point nuclear power plant and is Derek Reese‘s commanding general in 2027. He is seen on at least two occasions sending Reese on hazardous missions. In the episode, “Alpine Fields”, Perry dispatches Reese to Eagle Rock Bunker to rescue Sydney Fields and bring her back so that their scientists can isolate and reproduce her immunity to Skynet’s biological weapon. In “Dungeons and Dragons”, Perry sends Reese and his team back in time to 2007 to capture and destroy Andy Goode‘s Turk chess computer and otherwise prevent Skynet from being created. Perry is acquainted with Cameron; the two interact in “Dungeons and Dragons”. Derek’s brother, Kyle Reese, mentions to Sarah Connor in The Terminator, that he served in the 132nd under Justin Perry from 2021 to 2027 before transferring to Tech-Com as a sergeant under John Connor himself; General Perry’s forename has not yet been revealed in the programme’s dialogue nor acting credits. Justin Perry is a playable character in the video game Terminator: Dawn of Fate and Perry makes his first theatrical film appearance in Terminator Genisys.



Queeg, portrayed by Chad L. Coleman, is a re-programmed T-888 who commands USS Jimmy Carter under John Connor’s Resistance. His officers and crew are all human, including his executive officer, Jesse Flores.

In “Today Is The Day” (Part I), he applies a deceptive tactic against a Skynet Kraken (supposedly a very powerful underwater warship) first by locking his torpedo on that of the Kraken and subsequently driving the Jimmy Carter merely 27 centimeters above crush depth, therefore leading the Kraken to assume that it destroyed the Carter judging by the impact of the colliding torpedoes and by its failure to track their movement at such a depth. In “The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter”, he quells a riot against his and Flores’ authority by summarily executing Lieutenant Dietz for mutiny. He is thereafter confronted by Flores who orders him to surrender his chip under suspicion of compromise of programming. After refusing to comply, and explaining that his unusual actions are in accordance with their secret mission orders, he is terminated by Flores.

In keeping with the series’ extensive literary allusions, his name is presumably a reference to Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg, captain of USS Caine in Herman Wouk‘s The Caine Mutiny.


Daniella Ramos[edit]

Daniella Ramos, commonly known as Dani and portrayed by Natalia Reyes, is the main protagonist of Terminator: Dark Fate. She is an automobile assembly plant worker from Mexico City and the future leader of the resistance against the machines in a timeline where Skynet was erased from existence, but John Connor was killed and Judgment Day was started by a different rogue A.I. called Legion. In the present, Dani is targeted for termination by Legion’s Rev-9, while her adoptive daughter from the future, Grace, is sent back to protect her, having been turned into a technological-augmented super-soldier. After her father and brother are killed, Dani goes on the run with Grace, and they are saved by Sarah Connor, who initially believes that Dani’s unborn son is the destined leader of the human resistance against Legion. After Dani, Grace and Sarah are led to the T-800, Carl, who previously killed John Connor, Dani decides to take a more active role in defending herself to avenge her slain family, and despite her small pyshique, very quickly masters heavy weapons training under Sarah, Grace, and Carl. Dani offers her friendship to Carl, knowing that this Terminator can experience remorse over its past and love for its adoptive family allows her to trust it. In the film’s climactic battle, Dani attempts to distract the Rev-9 to allow her allies to force it into a spinning turbine which damages it severely. Having already mortally stabbed by the Rev-9 and dying, Grace insists that Dani use her power core as an EMP against the machine; Carl ultimately saves Dani by sacrificing himself to use the EMP to destroy the Rev-9, killing them both. Aware that the threat of the machines is not over, Dani allows Sarah to train her for the battles ahead. With this knowledge, in the future, Dani will send Grace back to protect her younger self from the Rev-9 and tattoo the coordinates of Carl’s location on Grace.

Diego Ramos[edit]

Diego Ramos, portrayed by Diego Boneta, is the older brother of Daniella Ramos and her co-worker at the assembly plant. In the film, Diego is replaced by a machine and fired from his job without notice. When Dani goes to rebuke their supervisor about this, they are attacked by the Rev-9, disguised as their father, Vicente. They are saved by Grace, who has been sent from the future to protect Dani, but in the ensuing car chase, Diego is impaled by a piece of rebar by the Rev-9. After begging Grace to keep Dani safe no matter what, he is killed when the Rev-9 crashes into the car, causing an explosion.

Vicente Ramos[edit]

Vicente Ramos, portrayed by Enrique Arce, is the father of Daniella and Diego Ramos. He is the Rev-9’s first victim, who kills and impersonates him in his mission to find and kill Daniella at her workplace. The Rev-9 appears at their home asking if Daniella is in, claiming to be her friend, but Vicente points out that all of Daniella’s friends call her “Dani”. The knowledge of this nickname and the guise of Dani’s father enables the Rev-9 to gain her trust and nearly kill her before Grace intervenes.


Derek Reese[edit]

Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) is a Resistance fighter sent to the past by the future John Connor. He is the older brother of Kyle Reese (John Connor’s father) and paternal uncle of John. He knows Cameron in the future, but still does not trust her and becomes paranoid every time she’s around, but throughout the series he begins to have a love–hate relationship with her. He is recurring in the first season but becomes a regular in the second season. Derek has an intimate past with Jesse Flores, a woman who arrives from the future. He is killed by a Terminator while attempting to save Savannah Weaver. Another Derek from an alternate timeline is introduced in the series finale.

Kyle Reese[edit]

As seen in The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys, Kyle Reese is the father of John Connor and a member of the Resistance.

In the television show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it is revealed that Reese has an older brother named Derek, who becomes one of the show’s main characters. He is also a Resistance soldier from the future, holding the rank of First Lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese, Operational specialty Tech comm. (As was clarified to John in the episode “Dungeons & Dragons” by Cameron).

Reese himself is played by Jonathan Jackson in the episode “Dungeons & Dragons“, which details the last days of what happened of how he and his brother are separated during a recon mission before he made his trip through time to protect Sarah Connor; further details are in the episode “Goodbye To All That” of the second season, during Derek’s recollection of the future war. An eight-year-old version of Kyle Reese, portrayed by Skyler Gisondo, briefly appears in the episode “What He Beheld”. Derek Reese takes John Connor out for ice cream on his 16th birthday. They find a younger Kyle and Derek playing baseball at the park.

In the episode “Goodbye To All That”, during one of Derek’s recollections of the future war, Kyle (when he was a Corporal) and a small group of his unit attempted to save forty prisoners, including General John Connor, from Skynet’s forces. However, he became trapped and one of the Resistance’s senior officers, Martin Bedell, sacrifices his life to save him and free Skynet’s prisoners. In the episode “The Demon Hand”, it’s hinted at by Sarah to Derek Reese that Kyle’s remains have been cremated and scattered “in the grass”. A mental image of Kyle Reese appeared to a wounded Sarah in the episode “The Good Wound”. Throughout the episode, her image of Kyle guides her in finding medical treatment for herself along with getting help from Derek Reese, Kyle’s brother.

In the season two finale “Born to Run”, John is led by Catherine Weaver to an alternate post-Judgment Day timeline where John Connor has never led the Resistance due to the displacement from his present. There, he encounters his father for the second time.

In an alternate timeline as shown in Terminator: Dark Fate where Skynet was erased from existence after Cyberdyne’s destruction, Reese no longer exists, as his parents met and conceived him after Judgment Day occurred in the main timeline.


Rosie, portrayed by contortionist-actress Bonnie Morgan,[32] is a Terminator of unknown model. She kills the driver of the empty public bus in which her time displacement field arrives, and takes his clothes; she then kills Dr. Sherman‘s receptionist, taking her car and posing as her temporary replacement. While essentially similar to the T-888 Terminators previously depicted, Rosie’s CPU protection is redesigned. Once accessed, her chip self-destructs. John determines the upgrade is a move to keep him from reprogramming them to serve him. Rosie and Cameron perform the first ‘female’ versus ‘female’ Terminator fight depicted. Their non-combat movements — relocating their shoulders, turning to face each other, wiping the hair from their faces, and reaching for Dr. Sherman’s door handle, among other things — are noticeably synchronized, suggesting similar programming. Cameron defeats Rosie in hand-to-hand combat, twisting her body into a compact ball. With her chip self-destructed, Rosie’s mission is unknown, though presumably it involves Dr. Sherman. The Connors theorize that she was either sent to protect the psychologist, or to kill him.


Enrique Salceda[edit]

Enrique Salceda, portrayed by Tony Amendola, was an expert at forging identities and helped provide the Connors firearms during Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but retired from the business and passed it on to his nephew, Carlos. Tony Amendola took over the role from Castulo Guerra, who played Enrique Salceda in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Enrique is killed by Cameron after Sarah suspects that Enrique is a traitor, which later proves to be true.

Margos Sarkissian[edit]

Margos Sarkissian, portrayed by James Urbaniak, purchased Andy Goode‘s ‘Turk’ chess computer and pursued the Connors, in order to blackmail them out of $2 million. He was thought to have been killed by Derek Reese during a standoff, when in reality the man who was killed was not Sarkissian. As John and Sarah discover this, a car bomb placed by Sarkissian explodes with Cameron unexpectedly inside (in the Season One ending cliff-hanger episode “What He Beheld”). In Season Two, it is revealed that Sarkissian was killed by John, but not before handing off the Turk to Mr. Walsh who sells it to the T-1001 Terminator posing as Catherine Weaver of ZeiraCorp. Sarkissian’s bomb damages Cameron, reestablishing her mission to kill John. John’s strangulation of Sarkissian is John’s first kill. Despite it being in self-defense, it adversely affects John’s psychology.

False Sarkissian[edit]

A man, portrayed by Craig Fairbrass, whom the Connors believe to be Margos Sarkissian, contacts Sarah and offers to sell her the Turk, but then later threatens to expose her to the FBI unless she pays him $2 million. Sarah, Derek, John and Cameron track him down, and he is ultimately killed by Derek in the confrontation that follows.

Roger Shaffer[edit]

Roger Shaffer, portrayed by Johnny Sneed, is the neighbour of the Fields. He is the illicit sexual partner of Anne Fields and the biological father of Sydney Fields. On the same night as an unnamed T-888 is hunting the Fields (and being hunted itself by Cameron), Roger visits Anne for an adulterous liaison under the assumption that David Fields and Lauren Fields were away camping. His approach causes Anne to destroy Sarah Connor‘s electrified boobytrap, leaving the family defenseless. Roger scoffs when told of the events then unfolding, opining that the “robot that looks like a dude” running around the woods is probably Sarah’s methamphetamine-addicted boyfriend. Roger scurries away when the unnamed T-888 throws Cameron through the Fields’ picture window. He returns after Sarah escorts Anne from the house, and finds Lauren hiding in the closet. Seeing him only from behind and unable to recognise him as a friend or foe, Cameron knocks Roger unconscious in front of Lauren. She apologizes to Lauren with a simple, “My mistake.” Six months later, Anne telephones Roger while the Fields are in hiding at a motel. The call is intercepted by the T-888 who promptly arrives at the hotel to kill Anne.

Boyd Sherman, Ph.D.[edit]

Dr. Boyd Sherman, portrayed by Dorian Harewood, is a family psychologist in Los Angeles. He previously specialized in adult trauma at a veterans’ hospital in Livermore, California.

Among the families he treats are the Weavers and the Connors (the latter known to him as the Baums). Sarah Connor brings her family to his care in order to figure out what his role in Skynet’s future is, because his name is on the blood list left by a dying Resistance fighter on their basement wall. In addition, they plant an audio transmitter in his office and copy his encrypted patient records. He tentatively diagnoses the socially inept Cameron “Baum” as showing symptoms consistent with Asperger syndrome, and recognizes that John “Baum”‘s emotional problems are the result of experiencing significant violence (most recently, his own killing of Sarkissian) despite Sarah’s denials that there is any violence in John’s life. As the family wonder whether he is listed on the wall because he must be protected or because he must be stopped, Cameron suggests that “maybe he helps John.” John removes the listening device for his own privacy during a session; in doing so, he causes Cameron to enter the building to determine the malfunction, wherein she encounters Rosie. Sarah later seeks his aid to understand her dark, omen filled dreams, and to come to terms with John’s adolescent withdrawal from her.

Apparently unaware of Sherman’s connection to the Connors/Baums, the T-1001 impersonating Catherine Weaver seeks psychological aid for Weaver’s incontinent and disobedient young daughter, Savannah. Dr. Sherman was recommended by Weaver’s assistant, Victoria whose son, Leo, was treated by him. Savannah quietly confides in Dr. Sherman that she wants her “old Mommy back”, which Dr. Sherman interprets to mean that her mother’s lack of affection was the result of grief following her husband’s death.

Impressed by his treatment of Savannah, the T-1001/Weaver shows him the confusing visual outputs of the Babylon/Turk computer. He immediately recognizes it as a graphic representation of child’s riddle, explaining that mathematics textbooks are sad because they have so many ‘problems’. The two determine that the computer is developing as a child’s mind. He turns down her attempts to recruit him away from his practice to work at ZeiraCorp on the Babylon project, but accepts a compromise to be a part-time consultant. The latter conversation would have been intercepted by the Connors, had John not removed the listening device earlier. Dr. Sherman is found dead in the episode “Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point”, apparently in a purposeful move by the computer ‘mind’ whom Sherman named John Henry. John Henry redirected power from the cooling system and security system in the basement, whereupon Sherman became trapped and died of hyperthermia.

Peter Silberman, Ph.D.[edit]

Dr. Peter Silberman was a criminal psychologist who worked for the state of California and with the Los Angeles Police Department. Silberman thought nothing of the so-called delusions shared by Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor other than being able to make a career from them being under his care. After a close call to seeing the Terminator in 1984, Silberman witnessed two in action in 1995 during Sarah Connor’s escape from the Pescadero State Hospital.

He was portrayed by Earl Boen in the first three Terminator films

The Terminator: Dr. Silberman was brought in to question Kyle Reese, the soldier sent from the future to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator that tried to kill her. He downplayed Reese’s story as delusional and constructed in such a way that it cannot be refuted, such as how there was no evidence of advanced technology because the time machine can only send things back that generate a bio-energy created by living tissue, and seemed far more interested in using Reese to build his own career than uncovering the truth despite Reese’s claims about the other two Sarah Connors who had been killed earlier that same day. He left the police station before the Terminator’s attack, briefly passing him in the corridor.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Silberman was the chief and criminal psychologist at Pescadero State Hospital where Sarah Connor was imprisoned as a mentally unsound inmate. Having somehow not heard about the first Terminator’s attack on the police station, Silberman made little headway with Sarah, and was constantly a victim of her attacks when the opportunity presented itself, even stabbing him in the knee at one point. Sarah briefly used him as a hostage when she threatened to inject him with poison to try to get out of the asylum, by forcing his staff to release her. He was left stunned when he briefly witnessed the T-800 and T-1000 Terminators as Sarah attempted her escape, particularly after seeing the T-1000 morph through a barred door.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: Silberman resigned from Pescadero and became a post-trauma counsellor. He made a brief appearance when he tried to comfort Kate Brewster, following her encounter with the T-800 which was protecting her and John from the T-X. He shared his experience of being taken hostage by Sarah with Kate and tried to assure her that she was imagining things after she saw the T-800 unaffected by a bullet, though he himself appeared to doubt his own claims, implying that he still remembered the T-1000. He fled after seeing the T-800 for himself and recognizing it as a Terminator. In the initial draft of the script, Silberman was meant to die during Skynet’s attack on humanity.

Prior to Terminator Salvation, Boen was the only actor to appear in all Terminator films, aside from Schwarzenegger.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: He is portrayed by Bruce Davison and is the police psychologist who treated Sarah Connor while she was institutionalized. Dr. Silberman later came to believe in Sarah Connor’s tale of apocalypse coming. Davison took over the role played by Boen.

Peter Silberman is seen in the episode The Demon Hand. Following Sarah Connor’s escape, Doctor Silberman entered into retirement along with the majority of the Pescadero staff. He has become a recluse and has purchased land among the mountains. In his solitude he gardens and works on a book about his experiences as a psychologist. While being interviewed by FBI Agent James Ellison in reference to Sarah Connor, Doctor Silberman drugs and takes him hostage, as he believes him to be a new model Terminator Infiltrator sent to find Sarah Connor. After injuring Ellison in a series of tests to confirm him as a human, Ellison shares with him that he has brought the hand of a Terminator with him as evidence (which Silberman refers to as The Hand of God). To protect Sarah Connor, Silberman sets his home on fire with Ellison still inside and is going to leave with the artifact when Sarah Connor arrives. He apologizes for doubting her, just before she knocks him unconscious (to ensure his safety) and takes the hand.

Following Sarah’s departure, Agent Ellison wakes Silberman demanding the hand with Silberman revealing to him that Sarah Connor took it. The FBI Agent arrests the Doctor and he is incarcerated at the same psychiatric hospital he once ran: the very same cell that once held Sarah Connor.

Archive audio of Boen as Silberman from Terminator 2 is heard in the opening scene of Terminator: Dark Fate.

Greta Simpson[edit]

Special Agent Greta Simpson is portrayed by Catherine Dent. She is the partner of Special Agent James Ellison. She doubts his crusade to find Sarah Connor will lead to anything. She is killed by Cromartie in the season one finale.


Star, played by Jadagrace in Terminator Salvation, is an 8-year-old mute companion of Kyle Reese following Judgment Day in the main timeline. Harboring an ability to sense when Terminators are approaching, she and Reese encounter human/machine hybrid Marcus Wright in Los Angeles and attempt to locate John Connor, but she and Reese are captured by Terminators and taken to the San Francisco base where Reese is to be killed to prevent him from travelling in time to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and conceive John with her. She and Reese escape with help from John and Marcus, though John is mortally wounded by a T-800 which is killed by Marcus. At a field hospital, after Marcus offers to give up his heart to save John, Star holds Marcus’s hand for the first and last time, indicating that she has come to trust him.

Myron Stark[edit]

Myron Stark, portrayed by Todd Stashwick in the episode “Self-Made Man”, is a T-888 who accidentally arrives in Los Angeles from the future on the night of December 31, 1920, due to a temporal error in the time displacement chamber. In addition to his arrival being ninety years premature, his time displacement field starts a fire in a speakeasy and kills forty-three people, including Will Chandler, the architect of Pico Tower in which Stark intends to kill Governor Mark Wyman on New Year’s Eve, 2010. At the October 21, 1921, premier of The Sheik, Stark offers Will’s father, Rupert Chandler twice the value of the land on which Pico Tower was to be built, but Chandler insists on keeping the land a memorial park.

Impervious to bullets, Stark becomes a masked bank robber in order to finance a construction business and drive Rupert Chandler into ruin. Newsreels of the time depict him as an unusual land developer: he frequently labors hard alongside his employees, pays his employees more than his competitors did, pays men of all backgrounds equally, and undercuts his competitors’ prices. Stark is thus able to purchase the land on which the Pico Tower was destined to be built; he designs and constructs the tower and, a fortnight before its scheduled grand opening in May 1927, encases himself inside of a wall, facing into the main ballroom. There, he waits for more than eighty years, intending to kill the governor at the New Year’s Eve celebration during the tower’s post-earthquake reopening scheduled in 2010. On an unspecified date well in advance of the 2010 party, Cameron Phillips recognises him in a historical photograph from the night of the fire, while studying at night in the library. With the help of her friend, Eric, Cameron deduces Stark’s activities and disappearance. She quickly determines his hiding place in the wall and, in the ensuing combat, immobilizes him with an elevator in order to deactivate and destroy him. There is no real-world tower at or near the corner of Pico Boulevard and 3rd Avenue.[10]

Stark demonstrates a significant advantage of T-888s over the T-800s portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The T-800s’ organic covering dies relatively easily, at which point it takes on a waxy, corpse-like pallor, begins to decompose, and attracts vermin.[33] Conversely, Stark’s organic covering was pristine and lifelike despite being dormant in a wall for eighty years.





Ed Traxler[edit]

Liutenant Ed Traxler, portrayed by Paul Winfield, was a Liutenant officer at the Los Angeles Police Department in 1984. He, along with his partner Vukovich were the primary investigators in the Phone Book Killer case and helped out Sarah Connor when she reported she was being stalked. When the T-800 raided the police station, Traxler is gunned down by it and subsequently killed.

A deleted scene shows him still nearly alive after being shot. He states that Sarah needs to stay alive while handing Reese a revolver, showing that he believed his future stories.

Justin Tuck[edit]

Justin Tuck, portrayed by Marcus Chait, heads the artificial intelligence project group at ZeiraCorp. He is stripped of much of his staff by the T-1001 posing as Catherine Weaver, ZeiraCorp’s CEO, who transfers them to her new Babylon project in the second season opener, “Samson & Delilah”. Following the nighttime staff meeting in which Weaver announces the personnel transfers, Tuck complains to an unsympathetic fellow executive in the gentlemen’s lavatory. When the other leaves, Tuck approaches the urinal and is taken aback when the surface of the urinal and wall become gelatinous and takes the form of his employer, Weaver. Pointing at Tuck’s face, she suddenly impales him with a sharp extension of her finger, killing him.



Victoria, portrayed by Kit Pongetti, is an assistant to the T-1001 Terminator posing as Catherine Weaver at ZeiraCorp. She hires Dr. Sherman to treat her son Leo’s emotional problems in the wake of her divorce. She recommends Dr. Sherman to Weaver to treat young Savannah.

Janelle Voight[edit]

Janelle Voight, portrayed by Jenette Goldstein, is John Connor’s foster mother in Terminator 2. In the film, she appears to have a strained relationship with John, who refuses to acknowledge her as a mother figure. She and her husband Todd direct both the T-800 and the T-1000 on their searches for John, unaware of who they really are. Later, the T-1000 returns to their home and kills Janelle first in order to impersonate her and lure John back to the house, but the T-800 sees through its ruse and hangs the phone up. Though Janelle’s death is not shown, a deleted scene shows the T-1000 walk past the bathroom where her legs are seen, implying that it killed her while she was in the shower. In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John admits his regret for the Voights’ deaths and that they wanted to adopt him to raise him in a better home.

Todd Voight[edit]

Todd Voight, portrayed by Xander Berkeley, is John Connor’s foster father in Terminator 2. Like his wife, he does not seem to get on well with John, who addresses him by his first name. Like Janelle, he is killed by the T-1000 when he accidentally exposes it by shouting at the family dog, Max, to stop barking, as Max had detected a Terminator on the premises. The T-1000 kills him by impaling him through the mouth.


Detective Vukovich, portrayed by Lance Henriksen, is Lieutenant Ed Traxler’s main partner in The Terminator. Along with Traxler, he investigates the first T-800’s murders of two Sarah Connors, and manages to reach the actual Sarah it is targeting along with Kyle Reese, who was sent back in time to protect her from the T-800. As Reese is being questioned by Dr. Silberman, Vukovich is obviously amused by Silberman’s slightly taunting remarks, while Traxler appears concerned. When the T-800 eventually does attack the police station to find Sarah, the police fight back and attempt to gun the cyborg down. After seeing Traxler mortally wounded, Vukovich tries to kill the T-800, who is unfazed and merely returns fire, killing Vukovich.

Vukovich was originally planned to return in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, having survived but bound to a wheelchair and now investigating the Terminators’ activities, but he was cut from the script. Henriksen was also briefly considered to play the Terminator in the first film before Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast.


Mr. Walsh[edit]

Mr. Walsh, portrayed by Max Perlich, is a violent thief hired by the T-1001 posing as Catherine Weaver to obtain Andy Goode‘s Turk chess computer for her, for a fee of three hundred thousand dollars. Walsh, in turn, employs Margos Sarkissian and others who acquire the Turk from Andy Goode’s partner. Walsh is later killed on the episode “Desert Cantos”, while searching for information about the exploded warehouse in the desert.

Catherine Weaver[edit]

Catherine Weaver, portrayed by Shirley Manson, is the wife of Lachlan Weaver and the mother of Savannah Weaver. Reared in Edinburgh, Scotland, she is the daughter of a butcher who brings home butcher paper for her. As an adult, she continues to use butcher paper and loves its smell. Catherine co-founds the technology company, ZeiraCorp, with her husband. In or about 2000 or 2001, Catherine gives birth to the couple’s daughter, Savannah.[34] Catherine’s unnamed brother, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator, secretly provides her photographs of a 2002 commuter plane crash in the eastern Sierra Mountains, in which Terminator components are found among the wreckage. The Weavers then spend twenty million dollars attempting to reverse engineer Terminator technology. At some point, implied to be at or around the time of Lachlan’s 2005 fatal helicopter crash, Catherine dies and is replaced by a T-1001 Terminator.[35]


The T-1001 is a shape-shifting Terminator disguised as Catherine Weaver, the CEO of a high-tech corporation called ZeiraCorp. A model T-1001, her liquid metal form as she changes shape resembles a faster and an easily recovering version of the T-1000 seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.[36] Introduced in Season 2, she is focused on developing an artificial intelligence using The Turk, the intuitive computer at first believed to be a precursor to Skynet (but later shown to be a separate entity). She targets other Terminators to reverse engineer Skynet technology in the present, and to prepare for the future war. She plans on using this research to fight Skynet by creating a competing A.I. Despite the revelation that Weaver/T-1001 is an enemy of Skynet, it is still unknown where her allegiance lies, but implied that she is originated from the Turk’s future self.[37] Weaver/T-1001 hints at her motives in the episode “Born To Run” when she asks Cameron, “Will you join us?” through messenger James Ellison. During the episode “Today is the Day, pt.2” Cameron explains to Jesse Flores that John Connor asked the same question to the T-1001 in the future in an attempt to forge an alliance against Skynet.[36]

Lachlan Weaver[edit]

Lachlan Weaver, portrayed by Derek Riddell, is the late husband of Catherine Weaver and the father of Savannah Weaver. Lachlan and Catherine co-found ZeiraCorp. Documentary footage of the Weavers being interviewed depict the two as happy and affectionate toward each other. His wife’s brother, an NTSB investigator, secretly provides them photographs of a 2002 commuter plane crash in the eastern Sierra Mountains, in which Terminator components are found among the wreckage. The Weavers then spend twenty million dollars attempting to reverse engineer Terminator technology.

In addition to being a successful engineer and corporate mogul, Lachlan Weaver is a passionate helicopter pilot, who has over seven hundred hours of flying time in the helicopter in which he and Catherine (or, alternatively, the T-1001 posing as Catherine) fly to a microchip factory in Barstow in 2005. According to the story the T-1001 tells to James Ellison in “The Mousetrap”, Lachlan panics in an unspecified extreme situation and crashes, killing himself. Lachlan’s crash is determined to be due to mechanical failure.

Matt Murch, who seems to hold Mr. Weaver in high esteem, mentions to James Ellison that employees prefer wearing plaid on the anniversary of Lachlan’s death, paying homage to their former boss’ Scottish origins.

Savannah Weaver[edit]

Savannah Weaver, portrayed by Mackenzie Brooke Smith, is the young daughter of the late Lachlan Weaver, who died in a helicopter crash and Catherine Weaver, who was replaced by the T-1001 Terminator who assumes Catherine’s identity.

Savannah understands that her mother is different, and subsequent psychological treatment reveals that she is frightened and wants her “old Mommy back” This is interpreted to mean that she wants her mother to be warm and affectionate as she was prior to Lachlan’s death. Savannah meets John Connor at the psychologist’s office, and he teaches her how to tie her shoes.

Savannah and the T-1001’s other “child”, John Henry, become playmates. The two play table games in the ZeiraCorp basement, and a variation of hide-and-seek in which John Henry remotely searches for her via the building’s security systems. In “To The Lighthouse”, she is nearly attacked by John Henry when he suffers a malfunction as a result of being hacked by another Skynet-built artificial intelligence. John Henry guides Savannah to relative safety whilst simultaneously alerting the police when a Skynet assassin enters her home. She is saved by the Connors before the police arrive. At the end of the series, the T-1001 instructs Ellison to care for Savannah, before departing for the future with John Connor.

Cheri Westin[edit]

Cheri Westin, portrayed by Kristina Apgar, is John’s chemistry partner who seems troubled and shuns everyone who attempts to befriend her, including John. One classmate named Morris reveals to John that Cheri may have a dysfunctional life after an unknown incident at the last school she attended.

In a scene from the extended DVD cut of the episode The Demon Hand,[38] John examines her school locker, finding graffiti similar to that which prompted student Jordan Cowan to commit suicide. The graffiti referenced an incident in Wichita, Kansas. Later, in a scene which was aired, John mentions Wichita to Cheri in an attempt to get her to open up to him. Cheri, however, firmly denies she is from Wichita. The implication is that she was indeed from Wichita, and that someone at the school knows what occurred there, and is taunting her in the same manner as Jordan Cowan was taunted.

Blair Williams[edit]

Blair Williams, portrayed by Moon Bloodgood in Terminator Salvation, is a resistance fighter pilot serving in John Connor’s Tech-Com unit. After Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese, Star and human refugees are attacked by Terminators in Los Angeles, Blair is one of the pilots sent by John to intercept the Terminators and save the humans, but she is shot down by a Hunter Killer. She is later found and rescued by Marcus and they make their way to find John on foot, forming a close bond in the process when they are forced to fight off a group of human bandits. When they reach John’s base, however, Marcus steps on a magnetic landmine, severely injuring him and exposing his metal endoskeleton. John, believing Marcus was sent to kill him, orders him killed, but Blair defies John and frees Marcus, though she is shot in the leg in the process. John orders Blair freed and treated medically before he leaves to help Marcus free Reese and the hostages from the Skynet base in San Francisco. Following the battle, in which John is mortally wounded, Marcus offers to give his heart up to save his life. Blair, who by now has fallen in love with Marcus, begs him to reconsider, but Marcus, who had previously caused his brother’s death by accident, sees it as his redemption. Blair kisses Marcus for the first and last time, and watches the operation that takes Marcus’s life.

Ed Winston[edit]

Ed Winston, portrayed by Ned Bellamy, is a security guard and a gunman whose affiliations are unknown. In the episode “Earthlings Welcome Here” he guards a warehouse Sarah is interested in. Sarah breaks in and holds Winston at gunpoint. Winston convinces Sarah that he’s just a repairman. However, when Sarah lowers her weapon, Winston pulls out his own gun and starts shooting at her. Sarah apparently kills Winston but is critically wounded herself. Winston’s apparent death led Sarah to have insomnia for weeks as she feels guilty over killing him and leaving his wife, Diana, widowed. However, in “Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep”, it is revealed that Winston survived his injuries and was saved in order to find the woman he believed destroyed the factory: Sarah. After Ed kidnaps Sarah, he tortures her with hallucinogenic drugs to find out why she apparently bombed the factory and who her accomplices are. Sarah tries to explain that his own bosses destroyed the factory and are probably hunting him, but Winston doesn’t believe her. Eventually, Winston learns that Sarah has a son and he threatens to kill him. After enduring Winston’s physical and psychological torments, Sarah breaks free and viciously attacks him. Sarah overcomes Winston and shoots him in the head, killing him for real this time.

Although not confirmed, it is strongly implied that he is the motorcycle assailant who attacks Sarah earlier in the episode as evidenced by the fact that he wears the same motorcycle boots as the assailant.

Winston is the first human Sarah has ever killed — and she killed him “twice.” The first time, Sarah acted in self-defense and is plagued with guilt. The second time, she deliberately kills Winston in cold blood. Sarah does not appear to regret her actions this time.

William Wisher[edit]

William Wisher is the nom de guerre of Andy Goode in the future timeline from which Derek Reese has come back in time (“Dungeons and Dragons”) – but will not be so in the future timeline to which the characters are going, as Derek kills him in the present in “Queen’s Gambit“. See main entry.

The real-life William Wisher was a screenwriting partner of James Cameron who helped write the first two Terminator films.

Marcus Wright[edit]

Marcus Wright, portrayed by Sam Worthington, is a major character in Terminator Salvation. As a death row inmate in 2003, he donates his body to Cyberdyne Systems for medical research, prior to be executed for accidentally causing his brother’s death. Marcus is turned into a cyborg and awakens in 2018 in the ruins of Los Angeles, where he encounters Kyle Reese and his mute companion, Star. On their way to find John Connor, Reese and Star are captured by Skynet’s machines. Marcus gives pursuit, in the process meeting up with Blair Williams, a downed pilot, with whom he bonds. At the resistance base, Marcus is caught in an explosion and his metal endoskeleton is revealed. John takes him prisoner, believing that Marcus was sent from the future to kill either him or Reese, but Marcus informs him that Reese is being held prisoner in Skynet’s San Francisco base. Though John orders Marcus killed, Blair secretly frees him, and he and John make a plan to rescue Reese together. At the Skynet base, Marcus encounters Skynet itself on a screen and learns that he was actually resurrected as a cyborg to lure John to the base where he would be killed. Marcus rebels against Skynet and decides to aid John in rescuing Reese and the human prisoners and fighting a T-800. Though John’s heart is badly wounded in the ensuing battle, Marcus destroys the T-800 by tearing its head off, and they flee the base before destroying it with explosives. At a field hospital, Marcus offers his heart for transplantation, saving John’s life, and bids his friends goodbye, kissing Blair for the first and last time.

As Terminator Genisys serves as a reboot of the franchise, the events of Salvation are ignored and Kyle Reese is depicted as being rescued and taken in as a child directly by John Connor, and his interactions with Marcus and Star are absent.

Mark Wyman[edit]

The Honorable Mark Wyman, portrayed by Ray Laska, is the Governor of California. He is targeted for assassination by the T-888 Terminator known as Myron Stark at a party in Pico Tower on December 31, 2010, but is saved by Terminator Cameron Phillips well in advance of the party. Wyman is unaware of the intended assassination.

Ironically, the real-world governor of California at the time is Arnold Schwarzenegger who was the first actor to portray Terminators (specifically, T-800 models), both as an assassin like Stark in the first film and as Cameron’s predecessors protecting John Connor in the second and third films. Although it may be a coincidence, Wyman shares his surname with Jane Wyman the ex-wife of California’s other actor-governor, Ronald Reagan.




Allison Young[edit]

Allison Young, portrayed by Summer Glau, in the episode “Allison from Palmdale“, is the daughter of an architect who taught her to draw and Claire Young, a music teacher who listens to the music of Frédéric Chopin for hours on end. Her birthday is July 22. Allison’s mother, Claire, is shown pregnant with her in 2007, making Allison nineteen or twenty years of age when seen in the future events c. 2027. Allison is raised in Palmdale, California, and loses both of her parents on or after Judgment Day in 2011. Claire decides upon Allison’s name following a telephone conversation with the Terminator known as Cameron Phillips whose malfunction causes the latter to believe it is Allison and identify herself as such.

Allison joins John Connor‘s Resistance against the machines in the apocalyptic future. She also becomes one of John’s closest friends. While on a mission, she is captured and interrogated aboard a future Skynet prison ship about the details of her life, the location of John Connor, and the nature of her bracelet pass. While interrogating her, Skynet copies her appearance for the Terminator that became known as Cameron. Allison escapes captivity and jumps overboard, only to be caught in the prison’s netting and hoisted back aboard. Once the interrogation is complete, Cameron kills Allison and leaves to infiltrate the resistance in her stead for the purpose of killing John and “placing his head upon a pike for all to see”. However, Cameron ultimately failed in her mission and is captured and reprogrammed by John; she then takes over Allison’s place within the Resistance.

John Connor later meets Allison in an alternate timeline in the episode “Born to Run“, where he never leads the Resistance due to his displacement from his present resulted by time travel.


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