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  • T-70

    Posted on May 22nd, 2009 Andrey Mikhalchuk No comments

    T-70The demonstration featured as the premise for T2 3-D involves several large practical effects robots called T-70s, designed as mechanical soldiers, with large miniguns on their arms. They are the earliest terminator models shown to have a humanoid form with arms and legs.

    In an interview for Starlog Magazine, one of the ride’s producers stated that originally, the T-800 endoskeletons from the Terminator films were going to be the machines being demonstrated. However, James Cameron pointed out to them that it was chronologically impossible for the T-800 Terminators to be present in a modern day because the T-800s were made by Skynet during the future war. As a result, the producers of the attraction agreed with Cameron and allowed him to design an early model Terminator for the attraction.

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